Sunday, 20 February 2011

Bournemouth Sea Front & Boscombe Chine

My old mate Mark, his wife Kate and his 2 kids Millie and Alice arrived with us yesterday, and are spending the week in their caravan.

Last night we sat out side till 8.30pm having a few beers and talking over old times. In that time we had two deer stroll by and when it got dark we saw a shooting star!

We eventually succumb to the cold air and returned to the warmth of our van where "M" had been cooking spag bog! Enjoyed greatly and washed down with a couple of bottles of red.

Didnt do anything this morning except finish off the blog I posted earlier, it should of gone up on Sat, but just ran out of time!

This afternoon we took a drive into Bournemouth, parked up just before Boscombe Pier and walked into town. We walked upto Bournemouth pier, up through the gardens then sat and had a coffee out side and watched the world go by.

The girls went off to do some shopping, and Mark and I just sat and listened to a young girl busking and playing a guitar. She had a lovely voice, and sounded excellent. Such a waste of talent to have to be stood out busking, but, it was our gain in having had the pleasure to listen to her! Dropped a quid into her guitar case, and was hoping to see a business card but alas none.

As I am a musician, (grade 7) cornet, or was as I havent played it in years! I still play the harmonica after copious amounts of gin I can definately spot talent when I hear it. That young lass had talent! Its someone like that who should be on X factor and all these other types of shows. Nothing manufactured about her talent, just raw, pure and 100% natural. Mark commented and he is dead right, how brave just to set up on the street and start to sing and play! Thats real determination and guts!

A walk back to the car took us through Boscome Chine where we found our first Geo Cache! It was well hidden and extremely difficult to spot.
Boscombe Chine as it looked 1900's it now has 50ft pine trees and the lake has gone!
Ive got quite a few postcards of Bournemouth and the surrounding area, so what I would like to do is try and get into the same position as the postcard picture was shot and take one and compare them. The difference will be amazing!

We are off out for a bite to eat at a local pub tonight, we have been there once before and gave it a good write up, so hoping it will be just as good tonight!

Off to Shaston tomorrow, another day another dollar, isnt that what they say?

So till later.................


  1. Sounds like a great day. I am in a caravan site in Chichester tonight. Has been a few weeks since I was in the van and it's great to camping again. This site is very busy because of the school holidays - but is very quiet and peaceful.

  2. Really nice, i'm fan !

    Guillaume de