Wednesday, 16 February 2011

Moving Location!

Today we moved location, we have spent 3 nights at a little site at Ashley Heath, a lovely little site, however neither of us felt particularly safe there. Each time I left the van I expected to come back and find it missing!

No real reason for this, but we are closer to a main road, and there seemed to be alot of passing traffic. The site fees here were £10 per night including electric so very reasonable.

"M" was working to day, so it was left to me to pack up and move. So with no real rush I set about packing up. One of the things we always do is empty the loo, it saves it sploshing around! So off I went, I always use my sack trucks to carry the cassette, saves my back!

I found the emptying point, which was a manhole cover with a piece of twine around the handle for ease of lifting. Not that easy to lift as it was a cast iron one. Opened it up and was faced with alot of furry turds staring at me! Not pretty! I emptied out and did what the previous people should of done and hosed it all away, not only mine but the others as well! It took me all of 2 minutes to do, so why couldn't they of done it. Lazy gits!

We moved off site ok and travelled the few miles up to our next site. No one in at the farm, but we knew where we were going, back to our last spot on the site! My co-navigator at this point was absolutely useless, I swung into the pitch but wasn't sure if I was straight enough so kept going a bit further, but as the ground was still wet, ended up stuck in the exact same spot as I was on Sunday!

My Co-navigator being China dog, just sat there with a bemused look on here face. If you've ever seen Faulty Towers where Basil thrashes his car with a branch, well, yep that was me! Mind you I came off worse as I got splinters in the palm of my hand and gave myself a nose bleed!

I tried putting wood underneath the wheels, unhooking and pushing, hooking back up a different angles, you name it I tried it. So in the end admitted defeat which is when "M" turned up. She went up to the farm, found John who came down with his discovery hooked up and pushed us back onto our spot within 30 seconds!

So Ive now come to the conclusion that the Freelander is bloody useless with just front wheel drive!

Once in "M" gave me a steak and pepper pie which was lovely and made me a cuppa, this brought me back to the real world again!

We then set about putting up the awning, which we did with no real problems, all though no records were broken in putting it up. I was knackered!

Fish & Chips tonight which were absolutely amazing! These came from Harlee's at Verwood!

Our Fiat 500 didn't sell on ebay, 7 days and not a single question or even a daft offer! So we will be trying Autotrader next! Its got to go - I need 4wd for my sanity!

I'm spending the day on site tomorrow which I must admit I'm rather looking forward to, then on Friday an extra day back down in Bournemouth.

Below you will find pictures of the site we have just left, like I said a perfectly good site, just didn't feel comfortable there. But handy for a couple of days as a stop-over.

I took the photos below stood in front of the caravan.

This was taken looking to the right, back towards the entrance to the site.

Looking Left

Looking straight ahead

Standing at the back of the caravan

Standing at the entrance looking back at our van

Now if you have ever wondered where wheelie bins come from, I can reveal that they are secretly grown in the field below! You can see a few that have been picked all ready lying on their sides!

So, till later.............


  1. Strange the car didn't sell - not even any sniffs from dealers? Maybe folk are still keeping their heads down until the spring?
    The good news is that the snow is supposed to come back at "half term" - whenever that is!!

  2. Bugs - I didnt even get a call from a telesales op wanting to sell the car for me! Thats how quiet it is - Thank goodness I dont sell cars for a living!

  3. local garage selling cars ( typically about 40/ 50 on view ) , been there for 30 years just closed up , george the owner sold ZERO cars in december , 3 weeks of artic weather just totally killed it , and only sold two at a loss in january after a tough year overall in 2010 ... never seen anything change so quick ..from one week a garage , one week later a bunch of polish guys running a car wash ( hes renting the space ) ... this was more of a shock than woolworths going down for me ..the garage was simply part of the landscape like grey skies and rain , i thought it would be there forever !

    goodness knows where its alll going to end


  4. Great photos , thanks for taking the time , nice to see sme blue skies , aint seen much BLUE up here in scotland for about 4 months :-)

  5. The motor trade has been suffering for years, alot have gone to the wall, or just sold the land to make way for housing. Its the sign of the times. I think alot of people are worried about a possible rise in interests rates!