Saturday, 12 February 2011

Its been a great day! Woke up to an orchestration of bird song, which is wonderful to hear!

"M" went off to work, so that left me with the task of clearing out the awning ready to take down once she got back.

Firstly I had to sort out the Landrover, in fact its more of a skip! On Thursday I went and had the trackrod end done, I had to look for the locking wheel nut socket so they could get the wheel off. Now the jack on the Landrover is under the bonnet, and inside the bag is the wheel nut socket. Only thing is, the bag is in the Landrover somewhere! So it was pulled apart and eventually found. However the inside now looked as if a small bomb had detonated.

So one bin bag later completely full of rubbish I start to load the Landrover with gear from the awning. Ive also got the trailer here, so I have to decide what I want to take with me and what can stay in the trailer, as we have arranged with the site owners to leave the trailer here.

I manage to empty the awning out rather quickly so whilst sat with a cuppa outside in the sunshine. I think to myself, why don't I take the awning down on my own! Its sunny, its warm, its not windy, what could possibly go wrong? Well sorry to disappoint, as I'm sure your now expecting to hear a long list of calamities as the wind picks up and I end up in a tree, but boringly nothing happens! It was all rather painless and rather straight forward.

Must admit my folding skills leave a little to be desired, but its in the trailer where it wont come to any harm and will be going back up again on Wednesday next week.

When "M" got back she sure was surprised to see the awning down!

I then had lunch sat outside in the sunshine - I had to keep reminding myself its still Feb. It was lovely and very enjoyable. Now this is what full timing is really all about!

"M" has gone off to the laundrette and Ive just done the washing up (from last night)!

We aim to get down to the new site around lunch time tomorrow, it will take us all of 10 mins to get there and not much longer than that to get set up! So an easy day. I'm looking forward to the new walks with China dog.

Shepherds Pie tonight for tea, looking forward to that, a few beers and a film, which I'm sure "M" will fall asleep during. She has admitted to once falling asleep at a Whitesnake concert. How she managed to do that is beyond belief, but she did!

Next week, Monday & Tuesday are busy for me, back in Shaston on Monday then Bournemouth on Tuesday.

For some while its always been an interesting question which Ive never been able to answer easily. The question being, So what exactly do you do? Well, and then I go into a long babble about what I do and how I do it. But, I was reading one of the many blogs I subscribe to and they called themselves a Digital Author. Well that about sums up what I do! I write for others, I'm given an object I then research it if required, describe it and make it sound so wonderful that you would walk on burning hot coals to have it. Well, that's the general idea!

Obviously I write for myself as well, your reading this!

So from now on if someone asks me what I do - I'm a Digital Author!

Its 1720 and still light, how wonderful is that, funny the things you get excited about!

So till later.........


  1. Digital author sounds interesting. Specially if you are writing about something you are interested in. I think your previous job, driving instructor, would (pardon the pun) drive me crazy.

  2. Teaching folk to drive was very rewarding, but the cost of fuel and the general economic climate made it difficult to run it as a full time business. I also found it very restrictive time wise. So reluctantly folded the business. I called my driving school "Round The Bend"

  3. Big Mistake.....!

    You do realise that the awning job is now yours as you've proven it's not a 2 person job?

    tut tut!!

  4. your a copy writer ?

  5. Copy writer - Well, not as such, however, Im not to bad at sorting wheat from chaff! If you have a project in mind then please feel free to email me direct at

  6. Your a Digital Copywriting Author !