Thursday, 3 February 2011

Time Flys!

I really do not know where the time goes! Its Friday tomorrow and thats another week done!

Ive been flat out this week, certainly putting in the hours to try and keep on top of everything.

Ive had a couple of good results with the postacards on ebay, so happy with that so far! If you can quadruple your initial outlay then thats good enough for me!

This is "M"s long weekend off, so she is off tomorrow, not back till Monday, we havent made any plans yet, depends on what the weather is doing!

At the moment the wind is picking up, I was out checking the awning earlier and all looks ok, but with the strength of the wind Ill be checking a few more times before going to bed!

The awning considering the size of it, has stood up well when its been windy, its alot of material to catch the wind, so if it does go it will be pretty spectacular! We turn the edges inwards underneath the awning carpet, its all weighted down with boxes of books, our new propane gas cylinder, and Ive also have 4 or 5 old empty 5 litre toilet fluid bottles which Ive filled with water and these also act as weights. Fingers crossed its still standing there in the morning.

I certainly wouldnt want to be up in Scotland coping with snow and gusts of 90mph. Times like this I dont mind being called a Southern Softy!

This weekend we are going to do a bit of planning for the summer, no easy task as we hope to do 11 shows at least. We all ready have alot of the registration forms for the shows, it just a question of printing them, filling them out, and getting them sent off! Its the booking in on sites between shows which will be fun! Im hoping that a couple will be back to back and with a bit of luck maybe able to get onto the next site early.

One of our first buys this year will be a generator, we found that last year we could go to a maximum of 5 days without electric, but if we are going back to back and hopefully onto some even cheaper sites with no ehu then the gene will be needed for sure. Ive seen one that I like the look of its 2.2Kva which is man enough for what we need, and at a cracking price of only £138.99 delivered! And its brand new! Noise isnt a problem at a show, with 100+ stationary engines chugging away, but if it is a bit noisy on site I can always get a silencer made up.

Its not a suitcase type one, I dont have Honda money, but it looks robust and we can either sling it in the trailer or the Landrover, so space/weight isnt really an issue for us.

Landrover in for its MOT next week! Last year if flew through with no probs, so hoping the same this year. I topped the power steering fluid up and tightened the hose as it was starting to leak a bit, and topped up with anti-freeze.

We are also going to be putting the Fiat 500 up for sale as well! So its off for a clean on Saturday then we will take some pictures of it and get it on ebay, so if your after a Fiat 500 1.4 Sport in red, on a 57 plate. 35,000 miles, 16" Alloys, tinted windows, Disc brakes all round, 6 speed gearbox, sports seats, bluetooth and MP3/CD, Sports steering setting, and an amazingly fun car to drive, it goes like a rocket! then this is the car for you! Priced at a knock down price of £8000. Its also got 6 months tax and a 12 month MOT. Bargain!!

Ill be sorry to see it go, but its just not practical for us now. Its so enjoyable to drive, it sticks to the road like glue, having the 16" alloys on helps. The spec is what you would expect to find on a BMW or Merc. Have I sold it to you yet?

Off for my tea, and to check listings, another 70 finishing tonight! One card is up to £36 which is very good!

Till later...............


  1. Shame it's not the old Fiat 500 or I would have seriously thought about it. I've wanted one of those, or an old 126 or 127, for ages but you don't see them in this country now. Plenty over in Italy though!

  2. Hi even the old ones make all the money, still get a few go through on ebay!

  3. Hi i would be careful when considering the cheaper industrial type generator these are really meant for building sites hence the 110volt supply for drills ect and the supply is not regulated enough for senitive electronic systems ie laptops/caravan charging systems etc have you looked at the kipor range made in the same factory as honda and a third of the price a 2kw will give you around 8 amps of power your heater set on 1000w will consume around 4 amps

  4. Hi Geoff thats a very good point you have made, so will be looking into this. Ive sought advice from a technical wizard so will post more once I know more. I have looked at the Kipers around the £300 mark, they have a built in invertor which probably makes the difference!

  5. Hey

    bear in mind the weight of generators , ive got two ... a building site type unit , BLOODY HEAVY but rock solid relaibilty for many years even when not used for 6 months at a time.

    I have also got a kipor honda rip off model , bright yellow ! easy carry model .. BUY IT ..quiet ,easy to carry , just make sure no one walks of with it LOL .... the kipor has let me down once , sparkplug needed replaced , and it was bit troublesome to find as it seems to be a very small one , especially in a hurry .. so go buy kipor but keep 2 sparkplugs handy as spares !!