Friday, 25 February 2011

Salisbury Cathedral - Absolutley Amazing!

Today we headed up to Salisbury for a look around, now Ive known Salisbury for years, but this was only my 3rd ever visit to the cathedral

It was absolutely breath taking! Ive been inside once before but today I actually stood and read nearly all the plaques on the walls, and took so many pictures you wouldnt believe! Ive included a few below.

The architecture, the stone masonary is just simply stunning! The windows, some of which I photographed but seriously do not do them justice. It is an amazing place, which is currently undergoing a £30 million restoration. Mind you I dont think that restoration on a place like that actually ever stops!

We had a wander around the beautiful market town and went for a quick pint in the Haunch Of Venison An extemely old pub with a skeleton hand in a room upstairs!

Heres a picture of Mark and I sat in the Haunch

Mark on the left, me obviously on the right!

Front of the pub

I also took a couple of pictures stood roughly where the pictures in the postcards were took.

Poultry Cross - Salisbury

Looking towards the Market Square

This evening we went into Ringwood for an Italian at Marina's Bettola. As always we were well looked after and the food was good. We didnt go hard on the drink, chiefly through being absolutley knackered and Mark has a long drive towing tomorrow, so sensible campers!

Heres a load of pictures of the cathedral - none do it any justice at all, but you will get a rough idea of its beauty!

Main Front Doors

Saint George and whats left of the dragon!

The Cloisters

Looking up at the spire from the cloisters

Salisbury Cathedral as it was originally built with no spire!

Medevil clock, still working and rings a bell in the tower every hour

Regimental Silk Flags

Carved from soapstone, over the years others have added their names to the coffin!

The architecture is simply amazing

Now thats a roof!

The pictures are a poor imitation of the real thing!

Now I'm not religous, but you cant help being impressed with the shear scale on which the cathedral was built.

We had a look in the Magna Carta building, they had some lovely silver ware, and some very hefty looking pieces! I dont even think that Bob would be able to scrap that lot! But then again!

And so ended our day out in Salisbury.

Till later..............


  1. Oh, I must disagree. Those photos gave me a great image in my mind of the cathedral's beauty.

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