Sunday, 20 February 2011

Our Site & Caravan On A Sunny Day!

Last Thursday I spent the day on site and working from the caravan.

It was a lovely day, the sun was shining, I was sat out in the awning with my laptop with only a T-shirt on! It really was that warm.

I do enjoy working from the caravan, of course you have to have a bit of control of your actions, you cant just sit around and watch the squirrels digging out their winter food supplies, or the cows in the field, or trying to track down woodpeckers! No, work must be done if you want to earn a crust! I can usually knuckle down well, Ive been working for myself for long enough.

I know some people that hate working from home, I even used to know a guy who when working from home used to put on his suit as he said it made him more focused! Not for me! But each to their own!

Other people seem to think there are two many distractions, well, yes, there could be, but when your working for yourself, it really is this simple - No Work - No Money! So not too hard to get your head around!

I dont think I could go and work for someone full time in the same place anymore. I think it would do my head in too much. I dont mind short periods, like I did on the run upto Christmas. But not on a full time basis.

Living and working from the caravan gives me the flexability that I need and enjoy. I have everything I need - Laptop, Mobile Broadband, Work Space, which is either in the caravan if it is a bit nippy or out in the awning if its warmer. I can set up full photographic studio facilities for photographing antiques out in the awning. Im looking forward to the summer sat outside under a pub umbrella with laptop and a cool drink to ease my suffering! Now thats proper taking advantage of working conditions!

Living in a caravan full time certainly seems to be working for us!

A question for you guys -

What would you like to hear more about?

Some times I ramble on, not sure if your interested or not, so any feedback would be most appreciated. Dont forget that its easy to leave a comment as Ive disabled the function that requires you to follow. But, please leave your name on the end of your comment so I can reply!

As I was on site all day Thursday I took some photos of the site in its winter state, a bit muddy in places! At least it doesnt take long to dry out, but with the constant rain its a bit damp under foot.

All set up, the wind doesnt half roar through the trees!

Entrance into our little secluded spot, note killer mole hills once more!

Hidden away

Looking up the track towards the exit of the site, turn left at the top 1/4 mile later along a track you hit the road!

Taken in the morning, we get the sun all day here and sets straight into the awning!

Covered up fridge vents! Buy a cover - to tight to do that black gaffer tape does the job just as well!

Our own water point!

Our friends travelled down from the Wirrall and did the journey in good time!

Set up opposite us, but more on that in another post.

So till later..................


  1. Hi OLIAC You ask what we would like to hear more of?
    All I can say is, Keep on just as you are doing, I think you have the mix just right. It gives a real feel of what your life "In a caravan" is like. I love your inclusion of pickies. Carry on with the Good Work.
    Love to M and China Dog.

  2. I would dearly love to do what you're doing, cos i feel like im a bit of a country bumpkin under this London Townie costume

    dont get me wrong I love London, I was born and raised here after all.

    But my favourite place in the whole wide world is Brockenhurst , and the new forest of course , we holiday there every year in a tent and come down for days out now and then too and weekends away, im addicted to the place, its so beautiful and peaceful and I just love the way of life.

    Sadly though, we dont own our own home, we are council tenants, so dont have anything to sell , and we did look into doing a swap once , and believe it or not, someone from New Milton wanted to come to London, unfortunately my husband's mum is seriously ill and he's extremely close to his family so he wasnt willing to move away, and i totally understand that and would never force him

    so can i just say a massive thank you for letting us read this blog , i follow it every single day , never get bored and fantasise thats its us one day

    Thanks ever so much

    Eileen x

  3. Thanks to both Sande and Eileen for your comments, really appreciate them!

  4. I dont see a FIAT in those pictures, have you sold it now?

    Why the tape over the vents?

  5. Hi the Fiat pictures are on a previous post. The tape on the vents cuts out a wicked draft under the fridge and around the cupboards. Our cutlery was so cold you couldnt use it!

  6. I pop in now & then to catch up with your news. Your life is so different to the "norm" - whatever you write about is interesting to us conformists. Please keep on posting.