Friday, 25 February 2011

Got That Friday Feeling?

We said goodbye to my old army mate Mark and his family today, with the promise that we wont leave it another 23 years before we see each other again!

Infact we are meeting up at the NEC tomorrow! Must admit that after they had left, I sat down in the caravan and was a little bit emotional! It seems to me the older I get the worse Im getting. I never used to be this emotional!

Marks caravan is a Bailey Pegasus 534 with the black front locker. A good looking caravan. He had a rather nifty levelling plate, which by placing under a wheel, you wind/jack up the wheel on a plate. Im sure that the serious caravanners have seen them before, but I certainly havent. It worked a treat. Mark also has a motor mover on the van and it was absolutely effortless to get the caravan hooked up.

I think that a motor mover could well be a good investment, even with the extra weight.

Mark & Kates caravan

Bailey Pegasus 534

Placed under a caravan wheel, wind it up till level! Easy!

Alice, Kate, Mark & Millie not forgetting Maggie the dog.

I went into Bournemouth this afternoon and helped out for a couple of hours, then headed back to meet "M" at the laundrette, as she had China Dog with her. I got back to the caravan and caught up on emails and sorted a few things out.

Getting ready for our trip to Birmingham tomorrow and the caravan show. A big thankyou to and Lea for sorting out tickets for us! We are both really looking forward to taking a look at all the new vans, and we are also on the lookout for a cadac

"M" is back on site and we have both said how weird it is with out our friends here! We have had Mr Gulliver stay over in his camper for a night, but no one for a whole week. Its just back to being us again and it feels very strange!

Back in Shaston we had a fairly hectic social life, our house became a hub after our friend Sharon moved to Cornwall. It was always her house upto then. If there is one thing I do miss it would be having people round, cooking for half a dozen people, playing the music loud and enjoying the craic!

Tonight just me, "M" and China Dog. Early night, up and at them tomorrow bright and early, so if your going - see you there!!!!

Till later.............


  1. I would definetly get one of those caravan mover things - I think some can be operated with a remote control. I like the gadgets and see this as a must-have for serious caravanners.

  2. Sounds exciting! Someday I'd like to go on the road like this and trek the US. Surprisingly, I have visited more countries in Europe than I have states in the US! and I live in Florida! Anyway, good luck to you and your family. Have lots of fun! Please check out my blog if you get a chance :)


    Try this link

    Regards Mark


    Try this link

    Regards Mark

  5. Hi Nomad, having a mover put onto our van is possible but its a trade off against weight, being a twin axle we are probably looking at loosing 50Kg from our maximum weight allowance!


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