Wednesday, 9 February 2011

Visitors In The Night!

The last couple days, each time "China" dog goes out in the awning she has been doing alot of sniffing around and running around as if the devil is after her.

I found out the reason why this morning! Either a mouse or a rat has got into the awning whilst we have been at slumber.

Now this could be my fault, due to the fact that I was too bone idle to take the rubbish bag (Sainsbury carrier bag) up to the bin last night and left it by the step into the van. It had been nibbled into it, where they had dined on rice and an apple core. A healthy diet!

However for starters they had decided that they rather liked the taste of our breathable awning carpet! they have eaten a 2" by 2" bit off the edge.

Not sure what to do other than not to leave rubbish in a bag outside in the awning again!

After all we are on a farm site in the middle of the country so we can hardly blame the local wild life, after all, it is us who has invaded their space!

Not even a question on the car, which means one of two things. Ive either written such a good description that I have covered all angles, or, which is more likely the case, nobody is interested in our car!

Taking the landrover to have the track rod end done tomorrow morning, so up with a lark! At least "China" dog will get a good run up at Wingreen Hill tomorrow.

Ive also added to the top of the blog a google search bar, I know when Im reading other blogs, sometimes I want to look up something, if I dont do it there and then I forget and it never get dones, so with this new addition you can search without leaving the blog!

More postcards finishing on ebay tonight, and Ive also got up for sale some excellent Boer War prints dating back to 1901.

This evening I went out to swap the aqua rolls over, and walked up to the tap to refill, and as I was waiting for the roll to fill up, I was thinking about how good it is to be where we are now, I dont really mean the site as such, but just generally living in a caravan. For sure it is a massive life-style change, but with the first signs of spring all around me it sure is a wonderful feeling!

I know from the feedback we have received from others, that we have helped them make their own minds up on the steps that they are taking or have taken to go full timing like us.I try to tell it exactly like it is, so I dont reckon that Ive glossed over any areas.

The thought that we can make a difference to someones life, by simply writing about our experiences of living in a caravan is amazing!

I spent many years in sales and up to 2 years ago spent 7 years as a driving instructor, teaching someone to drive and pass their test is a fantastic feeling which I do miss, but the same feeling is there when I hear of someone making plans, and as some of you have, actually going for it like we have is even better. So congratulations to all of you, who in these difficult times have the courage to disregard what others say and take a massive leap into the unknown!

To think that we may of inspired somone enough to say, yep, thats for me, lets make it happen is awesome!

So if you are in the process of making that leap, just stop and give yourself a pat on the back, its a daunting process, but there are plenty full timers out there all doing the same and doing it well, I just happen to be writing about it!

If you are at the "Im thinking about it stage"  dont forget you can email me at Im always happy to help where I can, or you can find me lurking at on the forums or on Twitter user name caravanliving or of course there is always that little box at the bottom of the blog, go on use it! We love hearing from you all!

Talking about Twitter we now have over 200 followers! Blimey, 200 people all getting information from me, usually total rubbish as well!

Till later..............


  1. Hi :)

    Have been enjoying the blog for a couple of weeks now, not at all sure how I found it in the first place, lol.

    We are in a caravan, albeit a static one, and absolutely love it. I've always fancied being a bit of a nomad, so quite envious of your lifestyle. Who knows, maybe one day, eh?

    Btw- I'm the one who recently bought the 'Cromer/Overstrand' postcards on eWhatzit. :D Will try and find you on Twitter also. I'm 'Wazzat' on there.

    All the best~

  2. Influence, most certainly. I think the only difference will be that we will take it as a long term holiday with the intention of working in our new location and take it from there.

    For us, being new, I think this will be a better breaking in. We could then come back to london and live in it and work if needed once settled into the van. It takes a bit of time to get used to the living in a van I suppose.

    Now what van..... :)


  3. We have been feeding the birds big time over the hard winter but have had to stop recently because the food was attracting rats. I love all "god's creatures" - but rats make me shudder!!