Sunday, 13 February 2011

Nice Weather For Ducks!

It was move day today, and we woke to the unmistakable sound of rain on the roof this morning!

Not good when you have to tow a rather large caravan up a muddy track! There was no rush to get off site so we aimed to be gone by 1400. A slow battening down of the hatches, emptied the loo and stowed everything we could in the car.

I was all ready drenched by the time I had done all of this, hooked up, pulled forward 2 ft and ground to a halt, the front wheels of the Landrover had sunk and were just spinning out. Couldnt go forwards or backwards, "M" went up to see the site owners to see if they could give us a tow out. 5 minutes later John arrives with a tractor and tow rope, 30 seconds and we are up the track!

Onto our new site which was only 10 minutes away, nice and level and a large grassy area with a hard track running down the middle. We pulled in, no one in at the house, no one else on site, so just set up. The water point was easy to spot, but we still havent discovered the CDP yet. Not that we need it, but it would be handy to know where it is.

We had an air block in the water system, it just wouldnt suck any water in, tried everything including swearing at it, blowing through it, sucking water through it, taking it out, refitting, running hot tap, cold tap, bathroom taps, shower, finally plenty of wiggling got it going! It would of been ok if it was dry, but by this time my hands looked as if Id been in a bath for an hour, and I was loosing the will to live!

All is now well, lovely and warm, dry, and will shortly be fed.

Only other problem is that we have an intermittent signal with the mobile broadband. Normally it works fine, and I would of put money on it working here as we are a bit closer to civilisation, but its actually worse!

Anyway, as Im sat at an awkward angle as thats the only way I can get a signal will keep it short.

Off to Shaston tomorrow for the day,

So till later...........

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