Tuesday, 15 February 2011

A Bit On The Busy Side!

Its been a bit hectic the last couple of days!

Monday was spent up in Shaston doing what I do, managed to get up on Wingreen hill before and after I'd finished, which China dog really enjoyed. She is so funny to watch when she is running full pelt!

When "M" left for work we had to  pour warm water onto the door as the rain had frozen solid overnight and froze the door shut! Proves that its still winter so we shouldnt let our guard down!

We sort of keep the aqua rolls within their thermal jackets, but have been a bit slack recently. So back on tonight as the sky is looking clear!

Today, Tuesday, it has rained more or less all day since the early hours! The site looks well drained though so we should be ok tomorrow morning when we pull away.

Ive been in Bournemouth all day, always an interesting day! Back at the caravan now and writing this, thinking about moving on my own tomorrow. "M" is at work, so down to me. The only thing Im worried about is how dry the site will be when I get there, considering I had to be pulled out by tractor on Sunday, we are going back to the same pitch! Well, will find out soon enough!

We have been here for 3 nights, opposite a pub - 5 mins walk (which we havent even got around to going in)! and we have been the only ones on site. You would of thought they may of been a bit busier! Perhaps its a sign of the times! Who can afford to drink in a pub! £3.50+ for a pint of Blackthorn! Robbing B*****ds They wonder why we are all buying drink from super markets!

Looking forward to this weekend, when my old friend Mark and his family will be arriving! Ive never actually called him Mark to his face, Ive always called him Scouse! As he lives back up in the pool, I suppose not many people call him Scouse anymore!

I was supposed to be doing some work tonight, but a couple of San Miguel's have found their way into my possession so work has ceased for the evening. Plus, the mobile broad band signal for some strange reason is fairly poor, all though I no longer have to stand on one leg holding the laptop out the window to get a signal. Its actually alot better this evening, but still not brilliant.

Ive been a bit slack on my ebook the last few days, infact Ive done bugger all. Life just seems to get in the way, but the dead line still stands, so will have to set about it next week!

Ive been thinking about offering it for free! But, giving folk the offer to pay what they feel its worth, so then it will be all down to the individual and their conscience! After all a fare amount of work will of gone into it!

Must admit its a difficult one, but I think that doing it this way sort of covers all basis. If you dont want to pay for it, then hey, you get a free book, and if you do, then by all means wizz a few quid my way!

Whilst we are talking about money, Ive been asked a couple of times about the ads on the sides of the blogs, Ive got an article that Ill post up over the next couple of days which explains why they are there and how I benefit from them, and as they say - every little helps!

Hope everyone is well, and dont forget that you can leave comments on here without being a follower and you can also follow us on Twitter "caravanliving" being our user name there!

Till later..........

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