Thursday, 10 February 2011

Giving Something Back

Ive been reading another blog called Tioga George, its about George and his camper van Tioga out in America, although he is in Mexico at the moment! Im not sure of George's age but he is no spring chicken, but he lives everday to its fullest!

He is an interesting chap, who has had various ups and down to contend with, but one of the things that struck me was how content he appears to be. This is all down he reckons to giving something back, ie, helping others where possible and not worrying about life, to just enjoy it for what it is. You can find him at

This is something that we have been trying to do, and strive to do on a daily basis, some folk may just say, its all happy clappy and kidding youself, but we dont have massive household bills or the worry associated with them, the fear of our mortgage going up (yep its only a matter of time folks) or any of the other pressures of keeping a tiled roof over our heads. So whos really kidding themselves?

I had a fantastic email from Mark and Cheryl today, they have been reading this blog for a while now and intend to go full timing next month!

I also hear via his blog and his comments on our blog that he has taken the leap and gone for it.

Its amazing to hear these stories of folk who are willing to do something different, to get a better quality of life, by doing something that alot of people would regard as a step backwards! Im afraid the world is an uncertain place, there is no such thing as a job for life anymore! And im sure it will get alot worse before it gets any better.

So for those of you who are still thinking about it, take heart, be brave and do what you fear the most, you never know, you may like it!!!!! In fact I know you will!!!

Till later............


  1. Yes - since making the decision to hand my notice in on my job and give notice on the apartment, everything is falling into place. Some people think we are crazy, but I have no doubt we are the sane ones.

  2. We certainly have no regrets, and yes, we are the sane ones!