Tuesday, 1 February 2011

Thats January 2011 Done!

Well, thats January 2011 done and dusted, was it good for you?

Its not been as cold as predicted, so thats been a bonus, and we have had a couple of nice days of sunshine.

The highlights of the month have been watching a barn collapse, getting the awning up in a record time, also taking the awning down and then putting it back up again in the same day (that was a bit of a killer)! Walking out to Hurst Castle. And, successfully getting through another winter month! Roll on summer.

Living in a caravan is certainly a different way of life, but we can honestly say it is perfect for us, and we are still enjoying the experience. The time certainly seems to be flying by. Christmas seems ages ago, and not just over 5/6 weeks ago!

Monday was spent working back in Shaston, today Ive been working in Bournemouth, thats it for me now. Spending the rest of the week based on site! Lovely.

But, dont think Im sat here doing nothing, for those of you who sell on ebay, and know the problems of packing and posting items, will appreciate the fact that I have 300 postcards finishing this week, 70 a night over the next three nights! You can find them by looking for my user name "bakers-cottage" on http://ebay.co.uk/

Cooked a curry this evening and am now sporting an industrial injury from a hot saucepan! what a muppet I am! Thankfully the curry was good enough to dull the pain, but typing is a bit of a pain. My words per minute are definately alot lower now!

Off to watch the auctions finish and hopefully earn some money,

So till later.............


  1. Liquid anaesthetic is needed I think.

  2. best of luck on the book. We've though about (and been asked) about doing something similar, but here just never seems to be enough time. As long as you don't have visions of wealth generated from it, carry on!

  3. Hi Mark Ive got just the jollop!

    Hi bodeswell, thats the problem finding enough hours in the day, just done a 16hr day!

  4. No wonder you are on hot coffee and curry, I feel cold just reading the post. How the heck do you stay warm in a caravan, I'm got the heating on full and I'm living in Spain! In a house!! Does sound fun though and love the idea of just being able to get up and travel where the wind takes you....

  5. hi never cold in the caravan! Average temp in van 21 degrees! we had the winter duvet on for 2 nights and had to change back to the summer one!