Tuesday, 22 February 2011

Six Months In And Still Loving It by "M"

Well here we are 6 months into our adventure and I must say we have had some testing times through the winter.

Firstly When our heating packed up back in November I was thinking how 'on earth are we going to make it through with snow on the ground?!!'

Luckily a good friend of mine had already given us a convector heater, which actually heats far better and quicker than the on board heating, on a relatively low setting.

Then at Christmas we had our water inlet pipes frozen and the waste pipes at the same time!

We were at relatives at the time, so again this wasn't so bad although I could hear my mum in my head with all her criticism of what we're doing as she so obviously doesn't get or approve of what we're doing, she regularly asks how long are we going to be in our van and why don't we rent a house!!

Hopefully in 5 years time, when we're well on our way to reaching our goal of buying our own land she'll see why.

The winter does prove to be challenging when it comes to doing the washing, but it just means weekly trips to the launderettes with the added expense of £20.00 doesn't take all day to do though roughly about an hour all washed and dried.

I'm really looking forward to the summer with all our Rallies that we exhibit at.

We get a bonus from my work around April time so this year's is already allocated towards a cadac BBQ and a generator for when we are off EHU. Plus a smaller awning that we could use at the Rallies or at sites when we're only there for a couple of days or weeks, save putting up the biggy just for a week.

We're of to NEC this weekend providing we can find a dog sitter, which is proving difficult at the mo, as my family are away or busy dog sitting for the world and our 'China' is feisty with other dogs. Excellent with people but really fussy about dogs.

I've got lots of projects that I want to do for the van once the weather warms up.

The outside is in dia need of a good wash, I've got material to re-cover the headboard and make new curtains for the bedroom, and I've seen some fabric through my work that I want in the sitting area.

Now I do have a big old sewing machine (Jones zigzag) in our garage but as it weighs so much and can be tempermental I think I will try out a very small handy sewing machine that again my good friend Julie (from work) gave me, as the curtains won't be big it should be OK.

The bedroom headboard will be Blue Petered will sticky back tape!! That's what it's got a the mo and works well.

I must just tell you all this as I thought it so funny, for Christmas my Mum bought me a lovely jumper, PJ's!!! and really thick socks!!.

My daughter bought me a hot water bottle that heats up in a microwave (we don't have a microwave)!! and1 of those lovely blankets with sleeves and a pocket in the front for a remote control!! (we don't watch TV).

And another good friend also bought me the same blanket.

Now I'm not unappreciative but I do feel that:

1) My daughter left home far too early and has lost touch with her mummy!:(

2) My mum constantly still worries about me being cold as her house is cold.... do you remember when you were going out and as your mum was cold she'd wrap you up in hat, scarf and  gloves!!! A Mum's porogative I guess.

I know they all meant well but as it's between 20 and 25 degrees in the van I do feel that they won't get used! although much to Jools's disgust the PJ's have been very comfy and warm!!!

Makes me laugh (peoples mis conception) of living in a van.

We had a comment about us dodging council tax, again this makes me laugh as we pay our dues in every possible way, they are just labelled differently. ie site fees, gas by the bottle etc.
We still pay TV license at our address we use just to watch DVDs.

Well I can't think of anything else to say other than thanks to you guys for reading the blog religiously and supporting us in what we're doing.. Thankee say big big,

Sorry reading good ole Stephen King's Dark Tower series at the moment, I Love reading.

Anyway till next time  x


  1. Great to hear from you and your perspective on life. You certainly make this lifestyle seem manageable and enjoyable. I am envious of your summer. I love taking my son (3 yrs) to fairs and always think the exhibitors look like they have a good time.

    Would like to hear from you more, grab the laptop a little more often!

  2. Thanks M always love hearing your spin on caravan living. It made us laugh (us being my other half and I) as I had emailed you both earlier saying would be good to catch you at NEC on Saturday and Darren asked what would we actually talk about my comment was how M copes with the washing and such like....by your blog I now know lol...

  3. Love reading your blog. We too are off to Birmingham, just on Sunday - guess your off to the Caravan and Motorhome Show too?!

  4. HIYA M ..
    Good to read your thoughts ... id like to hear moreabout whos idea it was to go full time ,who SAID IT first ... and whtw as the other partners reaction , how long did it take you take the idea from initial talk to reality


  5. Hi "M" here, thanks for all your comments! It was my idea all though Jools reckons it was his to live in the caravan. We started looking into it in May 2010. Then when the caravan was vandalised, that was our final straw which was in July. From then on it was a mad rush to get everything done! Ill get Jools to right a longer post all about it!