Tuesday, 6 September 2011

Awning Collapse Due To High Wind!

Whilst we have been in the large field, after having our one big pikey party! We have had our large awning up which gives us loads of room. The one disadvantage that this has is that when it gets windy it acts as a sail!

I had put on the storm straps, but where we are at the bottom of the field leaves us wide open to the wind!

Last night was a little stormy, the awning creaks and groans but everything held up over night. This morning though the heavens opened up and the wind picked up considerably.

Id just came back inside after reattaching one of the roof poles, when I heard another go, off out through the door and another goes right above my head, hitting me square on the bonce! Ouch I said or words to that effect!

I managed to get hold of half of the centre roof pole so that I could push the awning out and keep it from collapsing in on itself. It was taking a right beating as the wind was howling!

Thankfully I had my phone in my pocket and a frantic call to "M" to get back quick as I was like the boy holding his finger in the dyke, I couldn't move or let go of the pole! 15 mins later "M" arrived back and she emptied the awning into the caravan, then we managed to drop the remaining outside legs down, "M" kept hold of the awning material whilst I pulled it through and off the runners! Phew, down with just a couple of bent poles!

Our gazebo didn't do so well, thankfully it was only a cheap one, so with busted legs, and ripped top its off to the big gazebo place in the sky, where they can safely stand without fear of blowing away! I first had to retrieve it from the next field!

It was lucky that I had put the storm straps on, if I hadn't it certainly wouldn't of stood up to the wind today. The other lucky thing was that I was actually here! Again, if I wasn't I think there could of been some serious damage done.

So enough excitement for one day!

Many thanks to everyone who has commented on jobs for me. Ive taken on board everything that everyone has said.

My CV has been re-jigged by Mr and Mrs Herbert (many thanks) and its been fired off to a couple of companies all ready. 

The hunt is now on for more suitable companies who may gain the benefit of my services, not an easy task at all!

I don't like using agencies, simply down to the fact that you have to complete more paperwork, possibly attend extra interviews with them, just so you can go on their books! Do that with half a dozen agencies and that's a lot of leg work!

All is calm back on site now, we were planning on taking the awning down tomorrow night, so at least we don't have to do that now! We are off on Thursday evening, travelling down to Harmans Cross which is just outside of Swanage, this is a very small vintage show, then we are off to Liphook, we have been invited, so no idea what it will be like, we go straight from Harmans Cross on Monday morning to Liphook, so we are having a bit more time off!

"M" is off all week, and I'm free so we thought why not, plus its free camping!

"M" has the tea on, the gene is running as we are still off grid, and will be for another week yet. When we get back we will be back on to hook up.

We have said that next summer we will definitely use sites with no hook up and just run the gene. We haven't needed the heating on yet but you there is a nip to the air, but we have found ourselves going to bed a bit earlier.

I keep meaning to put some pictures up, but this will have to wait till next week when we have a bit of spare time.

Till later.....................


  1. Do you ever got to the massive Dorset Steam Fair ? it was on last week , a few of our crowd went , but we didnt !! we're thinking of going next year tho , what do u think of it ?


  2. Have you thought of running a caravan site as a warden?

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