Tuesday, 20 September 2011

Our Old House - Sold!

Our Old House!!

We knew that our old house was up for sale, so not really a surprise to see that it shows sale agreed.

I rented it from an old school friend of mine, the house came available just at the right time for me, as the house I was renting was sold whilst I was still in it. The first thing I knew about it was when the For Sale sign went up! A couple of weeks later it was sold and I had to move quickly!

My old mate had his house up for rent, and after a quick look around it took it on. It was a lovely house.

A few weeks later I met "M" and within a very short space of time she moved in with me!

We had some great times in the house, and some mega parties, how we never had complaints from the neighbors I do not know.

007 Herbert and Mrs Herbert lived almost next to us and often said they could hear our music playing - what delightful neighbors we must of been!

I went and had look on the estate agents website to see if it had been sold, and noticed that it has a sale agreed marking on it. 

What did surprise me was the price! £149,950 for a 3 bed house!

I cant believe it went for so little, 3 years ago it would of been well over the £200k mark, guess this is the sign of the times!

Some one has a lovely house.

Lets hope they have as much fun in it as we had, oh, and watch out for the ghosts!! - Its haunted!

Till later...............

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  1. It's a kind of bittersweet experience, don't you think so? You got the memories of living in that house, and soon enough, other people and their memories would be included in that home. Well, I suppose it's a much better fate than letting the house stagnate without an owner. Here's to hoping good experiences keep on flowing in that house, and may you continue to build good memories in your own new home!