Tuesday, 27 September 2011

Washing The Caravan - Fenwicks Caravan Cleaner Review

Just for a change I thought I would write about the caravan!

I know, go careful, so I'll keep it short and sweet!

The caravan after doing a few road miles and a number of shows throughout the year was starting to look somewhat grubby. 

What we hadn't  sussed out though was what to clean it with, there are so many different types of products on the market, that we couldn't make our minds up and because of that it just never got done.

But, when we were up at Hollycombe a week or so a go (pics still to follow in next post - promise), a rather kind gentleman who happened to own a fair ground ride, popped in to see us and gave us some Fenwicks Caravan Cleaner.

He said that Bailey caravans had said not to use it on his caravan, now I've no idea why this should be and he didn't know either, so being the suspicious person that I am think that Bailey probably have their own cleaner and its some kind of marketing ploy! Please correct me if I'm wrong!

So now with our bottle of Fenwicks I really had no excuse! So out with the step ladders and gave the van a good clean - I tried to take a picture of the before and after, but to be honest you couldn't see a great deal of difference. In real life there is a major difference, the caravan now shines!

The only flaw to my plan was that the large awning was all ready up so could only do three sides of the van!

This cleaner certainly does exactly what it says it does, easy to use, and you don't even need to use alot of it either! So can recommend it.

As per normal "China" dog is in the picture.

Note the storm strap to the centre of the awning is a new addition. Lets hope that works if we have more high winds.

We have been promised a heat wave over the next few days, the sun has just come out as I'm writing this!

We have no plans for the weekend, which usually means instead of relaxing, drinking beer and eating we will be running around all over the place on errands!

Off now to compile and sort out the pictures that have been long promised from our trip up to Hollycombe Steam Collection.

Till later..............


  1. Fenwicks is the best. The problem with Bailey is of Bailey doing. A few years ago (circa 2008?) Bailey started using a new plastics material as part of the sidewalls. Unfortunately they overstressed the material during production, which caused cracks in the material. They knew it was a problem but covered it up with a coating and this was removed by Fenwicks cleaner cos it is so good.

    So customers started noticing the material problems and started to demand warranty replacements, and even refunds in some cases. So Bailey told people it was the Fenwicks causing the problem (aye right!), that it was a defective cleaner and not to use it.

    But within a year or so, Bailey changed the materials being used and their production processes. Mmmmm, wonder why that would be?

    The whole range is fab, including the all in one toilet chemical, windowize which removes scratches from plastics (windows and awning for example) and an overwinter cream that you put on at the end of the season, then take off in the spring and the van is sparkling (tho not much use for you I expect).

    And no, I don't work for them or get commission, just think their stuff is great.

  2. I find that a rinse with Fenwicks Bobby Dazzler is also great. Makes cleaning far easier next time. I use it on the car and it makes it far easier to clean off kamikaze flies.

  3. I didn't really want to be anonymous.

    Easy T

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