Thursday, 15 September 2011

Hollycombe Steam Collection

Its now Thursday!

Once we had set up here on Monday evening, there was very little for us to do other than relax!

"M" has taken the week off work, so we are treating this as a bit of a holiday.

Tuesday, three of us walked the railway line here at Hollycombe cutting back branches, and brambles, the deal with us staying here is that we help out, which is fine by me!

Like I said there are hidden treasures everywhere, and if you like your old metal machinery then this is the place to visit!

Yesterday, (Weds) we ventured into Petersfield as it was market day, a small town, with plenty of small independent shops, but within the town centre 3 pubs have all closed and are boarded up. A sad sight, but guess that's the sign of the times.

Not too sure what it planned for today, we are just taking things as they come. The only day we are planning to run the engine is Saturday. I'm looking forward to seeing the steam fairground up and running! Especially in the evening with all the lights on.

So if you are in the area, (Liphook - Hants) then please come along, this place is run on a voluntary basis, without your support places like this, which are very few struggle to survive. All this fantastic heritage will be lost to the scrap heap!

The sun is shining, the peacocks are all out and strutting about, and the dogs "China" and "Buddy" are still sleeping, "M" is still in bed with a cuppa!

till later.............

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