Sunday, 18 September 2011

Last Day At Hollycombe Steam Collection

Its our last day here at Hollycombe Steam Collection, Liphook, Hampshire.

We have had a really lazy week, but have been in great company so a very enjoyable week has been had by us all.

Last night we ran the engines from 1900 - 2200, we had coloured lights all along the front of the display. It looked very pretty.

Today we are running from 1000 till 1600, but as its 1030 all ready and the covers are not even off the engines yet! A slow start to the day, well it is Sunday.

We had a wander around the steam collection last night, all lit up and running on steam it was lovely to see. We had a go on the big wheel, and got wet as it was raining, then had a go on the two sets of gallopers they have here. One dates back to circa 1880. 

I just love the smell of steam engines, if I had the money I would own one, but they go for silly money and I do mean silly money.

We aim to pack up this afternoon, so as soon as 1600hrs comes we can just load the engine into the back of the Pajero, hook up and drive the couple of hours back to our site.

We have just one more show to do now, and that's the season done and dusted! It doesn't seem that long ago that we were thinking about going to our first!

This summer seems to of flown by all too quickly.


I still haven't got around to lagging the pipes yet! I've got the lagging, just need to get on and do it! We will also be lagging the inside of the caravan under neath the seats and cupboards at the front of the caravan, and also under the bed at the back of the van.

I've seen the stuff I want to get to use, its a neoprene type of material which is reflective silver backed. Its only around 5mm thick so should be perfect for the job. We want to eliminate all the droughts this year.

We did not get cold last year at all, but depending on which way the wind blew, you could feel the coldness seeping in! Not this year!

As you may remember, the temperatures dropped here to -9.5 but we managed to maintain a steady 22 degrees in the caravan. So at no time were we cold. But by taking these extra measures, we can be even warmer.

Well, better finish off for now, as its off to fill the aqua rolls, I wonder how many times Ive filled them up over the last 12 months!

Till later...................

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