Tuesday, 27 September 2011

Just Some Thoughts

I read today that a soup kitchen in Bournemouth which is run from a Church yard has been asked to  moved as the Church feels that it makes the place look untidy and generally lowers the tone of the area it is in!

But before I go any further, I'm not religious, I respect it, but its not my Christian principles that have been upset. It's what the Church is supposed to stand for which has been forgotten that bugs me.

If the Church isn't about helping those less fortunate, to show compassion, understanding, and guidance then no wonder it is in such a decline!

Here's the link here

What do they hope to gain by this, maybe its a better class of rich Christian through their doors, one's that want to forget the poor and needy! They only want to hear about the needy on the TV not actually witness it!

This is why I find the church so hypercritical, when the Church has to balance its requirements between the needy and an attractive church yard, and the look of the Church yard wins over the needy, then I'm afraid its a very sad day.

And then they wonder why our society is in moral decline! Cameron our illustrious leader said recently that some elements of our society were sick - you aren't  kidding fella!

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  1. That is outrageous! I agree with you totally. Maybe the Church should ask "What would Jesus do?" They seem to have forgotten the basic teachings.

  2. That's just reminded me why I don't go to church! I was brought up by very religious parents and made to go to church every Sunday when I was a kid, but stopped going in my teens when I became old enough to realise how hypocritical church people can be.

    What a totally disgusting situation - there's certainly nothing Christian about these church members. No-one knows what's round the corner, it may be that some of them might need a soup kitchen themselves some day.

    Totally off topic, I just followed the link on that page 'yobs throw dog from car' - what a gorgeous little dog, I'd have him in an instant if I wasn't so far away

  3. Jools, I'm the same as you with little interest in religion. I do like the following quote. "The church says it is trying to balance its duty to the needy with its responsibility to keep an attractive churchyard". On the surface they can be attractive and interesting, however scratch below this surface you get rot and decay. Just a thought.

  4. Eunice, yes we saw the "Yobs throw dog from car" and the thought did pass through our heads as well! But we decided against it. Very close thing though!