Friday, 30 September 2011

Fantastic Hot Weather - Summer Here At Last!

The temperatures in this part of the world have been very high over the last couple of days, but you can still feel the nip to the air at night and in the early hours of the morning.

The last few days have been a bit hectic, as I've had three days of gardening, Wednesday was spent at a new clients doing a general tidy up of there grounds down at Branksome. Thursday was spent in Bournemouth at a nursing home and today was spent mowing the lawns of a pub in West Parley.

I couldn't of picked better weather for it, but it was sure warm today pushing a mower around for 5 hours. 

Back at the caravan, once I had opened all the windows it didn't take long to cool down. 

Our outside thermometer which does read accurately recorded a highest outside temperature today of 39.7 degrees - now I'm sure you will agree that's warm, even for East Dorset!

Plans for this weekend? Lazing around in the sun? Not for these campers, we are moving from our unit where we store all our gear to a smaller unit a few miles away.

It's further away by some considerable distance, but the cost of it makes it all worth while. At the moment we are paying £300 a month for our unit, our new place is £65 a month, so a big saving, and the way things are at the moment, every penny helps!

So that's our plan! Its going to take some doing, as our new place is alot smaller, so a few more tip runs, and condensing, which isn't a bad thing really.

I'm giving up selling on ebay completely, its just not a safe place to sell any more. I've been asked recently to start selling again on behalf of an antiques dealer, but said no, after seeing a friend of mine go through hell with regards to paypal holding onto his money I don't want to go through anything like that!

So ebay, fine to buy on, but for selling on, its not really worth the hassle! In saying that, we are having a final fling of things this weekend, just to see if we can raise a bit of cash!

Just waiting now for "M" to get back then we are off up to the unit to start the packing!

Till later...................


  1. Good luck with the move, hopefully it will go smoothly for you. I can't quite decide wether to keep using Ebay for selling or not, I usually only list at busy times like Christmas. Just wish I could get back into the markets but have no idea the good from the bad down here. Any luck with your job hunting?

  2. I know a few folk that have stopped selling on E-bay. Shame really.

    Easy T