Saturday, 3 September 2011

Job Hunting!

Its taken me a long time to get my head around what I really want to do. I orginally thought that I should just go for a van driving job, but on reflection, and after a bit of soul searching decided that I may be slightly under valuing myself. Not that there is anything wrong with driving a van, but in the past Ive held some reasonably responsible jobs, so why not try and do something along those lines again.

So have decided to aim high and just see what happens. If nothing comes of it then I can always look at other options.

My CV is being looked at by a professional, so lets hope they can make sense of it!!

Its a daunting thought that I could well be heading back to the world of wearing a suit again! Something I once said I wouldn't do again, but I should know better than say never!

All though I've been out of the game for a while now, self doubt creeps in, am I past it? can I cut it enough to succeed?

I do have maturity on my side, full of life experiences, so that will go in my favour.

There is only one way to find out!

But have I been out of the game too long? Possibly not.

In all the things I've done, I have had to empathise with people, understand a situation then find a way of making that situation work.

Taking teaching people to drive. No different to selling. You have to be able to communicate, understand what is happening around you, be sharp to react to the changing circumstances, to be in total control of the situation whilst remaining calm. You have to be able to identify problems then rectify them. But most of all you have to be able to listen! So that you can understand why your student is doing what yr asking them to do.

Listen. Now this is the key word in all of this, the art of listening to what others have to say is in my opinion the most valuable tool anyone can ever use. To be able to listen intently to some one and not be distracted by their bad breath, dandruff, or other people around you is so important. It makes them feel good, they can tell if your listening the same way you can tell when someone is not listening to you!

How many times have you gone into an electrical store to buy something, and the over enthusiastic sales person rants on and on about how many bells and whistles it has. Rarely do they listen to what you actually want from the product or for what its purpose is.

Politicians never listen, they only hear what they want to hear, they also only see what they want to see.

How many times have you sat at a car junction in a world of your own, looking left and right, go to pull out, and you just glimpse a motorbike coming at you! yep looking but not seeing!

As we speak my CV is being digitally re-mastered! 

I'm looking forward to seeing it in its full glory or should that read gory?

Till later................


  1. Good luck with your job hunting, I read your Blog on a regular basis, and sometimes find it quite amusing and very interesting.

    I always remember a comment made to me years ago when an 18 hour day was not unusual... 'Are you living to work. or working to live?'.

    Can I suggest that you try writing short stories, perhaps for some of the Motoring, Caravan, Walking Magazines.

  2. your maybe fed up being self employed ..but look at AVON , not as a door to door sales but as they guy who recurits the door to door sales people ... small commision ongoing for everything THEY sell is your wage

  3. Jools,
    Dont get bogged down with the suits as I am. You will regret it. Unfortunately I am were I am. Stick to something in the country. Site Management or Estate Management. Your a country boy at heart. Good Luck mate. Whatever you do you will be an asset to any employer.
    Paddy B.

  4. Jools, Dont get bogged down with the suits. I did that, and Im stuck in it. Needs must and it pays the bills. Your a country boy at heart. Get a job in Park Management or Estate Management. Whatever comes your way you will be an asset to any employer. Good luck old friend.
    Paddy B. Northern Irealnd

  5. Best way to get started is to jump right in. There will always be time for reflection and looking back when you are further down the road

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