Friday, 16 September 2011

Honeycombe Steam Collection - Picture Catch Up!

Thought it about time I uploaded a few more pictures, some of which date back to last weekend at Harmans Cross Steam Gala!

Keith on his Fergie Tractor at Harmans Cross, just setting off for home!

The show ground thinned out a little now!

On our way back these fellows were in the road

Approaching Corfe Castle

Arriving at Hollycombe Steam Collection

local wild life - we have also seen deer as well!

Machinery lying around awaiting restoration or possibly to just rust away!

A lovely little roller, crying out for restoration!

Just rusting away!

A sad and lonely Lister engine - makes me cry!

This ERF is slowly blending in to its surroundings 

Steam Crane

Steam Loco "Commander"

Essex Fire Brigade Engine

Scammel with box body to rear

Plenty of peacocks around here! I didn't realise they could fly!

Entrance to the collection, these pillars came from a London train station, but I don't know which one!

Same pillars, sun setting

Engine and caravan line up!
That's all the photos for the moment, I'm hoping to get more tomorrow when everything is up and running, and of course if the weather holds for us. So far it has been lovely, but it's getting colder in the evenings!

This week I've received three emails all from people that have shown an interest in full timing and the rules and regulations etc. Not that we are any experts, but I hope I've at least pointed them in the right direction!

Living in a caravan full time does appear to be a grey area, with many full timers not wishing to talk about the pro's and con's of living the way we all do. 

I must point out there is nothing illegal or underhand in the way we live at all. Some times we have to do things in an around about fashion to get around red tape, but that's all.

With winter approaching, we are thinking about our winter locations and where we want to be. We think we have more or less sussed things out, the only thing we haven't planned out is Christmas and where we will be for that, so get your thinking caps on, all suggestions welcome!

Till later..........

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