Wednesday, 7 September 2011

Becoming a Camp Site Warden

A number of folk have suggested that this would be a good job for me, and yes, it would be. However, 99% of all camp site wardens jobs are free pitch with hook up, but that's it. No hard cash!

So as we still have another 12 months before we are debt free, then this would be to no advantage to us. Even then we would still need some form of income coming in to pay insurance/fuel/phones and food etc! So at the moment its not really an option for us, but in the future possibly.

In the mean time its nose to the grind stone and make do with what we have. Ive been off gardening today, which I enjoyed. Off into Poole tomorrow to do a quote.

Tomorrow evening we are off, just as soon as "M" gets home from work, a quick cuppa, I'll let her have one, then we are hitting the road. Should take just under an hour to get there. Looking forward to it.

Ive also been asked if we go to the Great Dorset Steam Show. The answer is no. The problem with this show is that its massive, in fact I think its the largest in Europe. But with this comes problems that we do not like.

Firstly, we are not allow to camp by our engines, they are several fields away, so security is a major issue for us. We have to be by our engines all day, which means carting fuel, tool boxes, grub, chairs to and from the caravan on a daily basis, not fun at all. Then your engine is left unattended all night, so that the thieving scum bags can go round and nick bits from them.

Whilst you are away from your caravan, this is when the low life thieving tinkers decide to plunder your goods!

A few years ago, we knew of some one who had is leisure battery and aqua rolls nicked, not only that but his alko tow hitch nicked as well!

We also heard of dogs being stolen and then being ransomed back. Police powerless or not interested to do anything! 

I was only speaking to someone here recently who said last year he had his aqua rolls nicked as well.

So no we wont go, its full of thieves and to be honest, the show is no longer what it was originally intended to be all about. Its far too commercial, ticket prices are sky high, then they charge you extra if you want to have a pint and listen to music in the beer tent! Its a rip off.

If you want to go to a show, go to the small local shows, they are far better, you get to see everything and its a better day out, whilst supporting a local charity at the same time.

Its a shame, as a young child I have been to many of the Dorset Steam Shows when it was simply called Stourpaine Bushes Steam Show, and it was big then, but at least it had an identity, not like it is now.

The wind is picking up again here, but at least the awning is down! Tonight depending on the weather we were going to spread it out and dry it off, but with this wind it may just have to be left as it is!

Till later...........................

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