Friday, 9 September 2011

Harmans Cross Vintage Rally

We arrived last night and managed to get a spot next to our friends Donna and Keith, where we were hoping to go was down in a dip, but it was level. Here we are perched at a bit of an angle. Its not perfect by along way, but its the best of a bad job!

The site is very hilly, not the perfect spot to hold a rally, and the grass in the field hasn't been cut either! You would of thought that someone would of been round and topped the field as there is a couple of hundred pounds worth of good quality meadow hay here!

The one thing this place does have in its favour is it over looks the Swanage Railway Ive seen all ready this morning 3 steam trains all coupled up and heading for Corfe Castle, and a lovely looking engine called the "Dominion Of New Zealand" an impressive looking steam train.

I've just seen steam train 80104 go by! I think I have some old black and white photographs of this train taken in the 1960's when it was running on the Somerset and Dorset line. I will have to check on this when we are back at base.

We also have with us this weekend the Mother in laws dog "Buddy" a dachshaund cross terrier. Not alot of trouble, though I wouldn't trust him off the lead!

China not being the most sociable of dogs seems to tolerate him - just!

Well a busy day of looking across a field watching the world go by!

Till later............

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