Saturday, 17 September 2011

Hollycombe Steam Collection - Show Day

Its bang on 1000 hrs, the sun is trying to come out from behind the clouds.

We are with a group of other stationary engine enthusiasts that are as mad as hatters! We haven't stopped laughing since we got here which was last Monday!

A special mention should go to Paul "Jolly" Roger and his wife Dee who invited us in the first place, we are also joined by Jim, Maurice, Fred with his wife Jill. Last night Phil and his son John turned up bringing with them Paul's brother Mike. Not sure if any more are going to turn up today or not. Guess that depends on the weather.

Its been a great week, of doing very little other than eating and drinking endless pots of tea!

Weather permitting we plan to run the engines till 1700 hrs, then have a break, then from 1900 till 2200hrs all lit up with lights which will look great.

The steam fair which is directly behind us will be up and running as well, lets hope that the public turn up!

"M"s mum is due to arrive some time this morning to collect "Buddy" dog, he has been no trouble at all and settled into our way of life very easily!

This week seems to of flown by, later afternoon tomorrow we will be packing up and heading back to our usual camp site at Three Legged Cross and back to reality and job hunting once more.

So fingers crossed for the weather today! Ill be taking pictures today, so will get them loaded up when I get a chance.

Till later.....................

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