Monday, 12 September 2011

Harmans Cross Steam Gala - Day 3 - Day 1 New Venue!

Day 3 and its "M"s birthday!!!!

Even though I knew it was her birthday, come Sunday morning I still managed to forget! It wasn't till we were sat down and she started opening her cards that I remembered!

Later on in the day her daughter Jodi and her husband Jack came by with more cards and presents.

It was a busy day at the show, with a massive turn out of vintage cars on display. Once more we were lucky with the weather, a bit windy, but it wasn't cold.

By late afternoon, people started to pack up, but not us, we were staying another night! I hate having to leave on a Sunday, it spoils the day. We just had a relaxing day, watching everyone else head for their homes. How lucky we feel as we are in our home here!

Last year on the Sunday evening, the Swanage Steam Rally hitched all their engines together and did a run up and down the line with their whistles shrieking. An amazing site, 4 engines took part last year, so you can imagine how good it was to see 7 engines! Talk about make the hairs on the back of your neck stand up! So very lucky to have seen it, as its not everyday you get to see 7 steam loco's like that!

We had an early night, the site was more or less empty with around 8 or 9 caravans left.

But, the wind picked up overnight and really rocked the caravan about! It rained hard as well, so we both ended up having a restless nights sleep.

We didn't get up till 0830 hrs and by the time we were ready to venture outside the rain had stopped. There was still a strong breeze, but this did help to dry out the ground.

We finally got ourselves all sorted out, hooked up and headed off to our next destination.

We had been invited by Paul "Jolly" Roger to an event which was near Liphook. That was all the information we had, we didn't know anything else than that! So we set off this morning just heading for Liphook!

We got close by and gave him a bell for further directions, just follow the brown signs for Hollycombe Steam Collection. So we did, and this is now where we are pitched up!

What an amazing place, click on the above link to see more of what this amazing place has to offer. Needless to say I am in heaven!

There is only a few of us here, and they are open next Saturday, so we have got the whole week to just chill out and do very little. 

We thought we would be running our engine everyday, but that is not the case, so looking forward to some good walks and possibly a bit of geo-caching! Oh and job hunting!

I've taken some pictures of here all ready, but will add them later on.

There is only a few of us here, a small event, similar to the Witchampton show we did. In fact its even smaller there are only 5 engines!

Obviously the main attractions are in the Hollycombe Park, we are just an added extra!

Off now for a cuppa and a chuckle with the rest of them, we have taken the dogs out for a stroll around the grounds, they are both now fast asleep and content.

Till later...............

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