Tuesday, 27 September 2011

Hollycombe Steam Collection Pictures

At long last I hear you cry!

Hollycombe Steam collection -  click the link - is a superb collection of Victorian and Edwardian steam driven fair ground rides.

As we did a bit of helping out during the week we got free entry. So "M" and I took good advantage of this and had a go on the rides!

I have said in a previous post, a great week with some fine and funny company!

Now the pictures!

Our line up of stationary engines just as it was getting dark on the Saturday evening, we had coloured lights strung across the front. Our caravan in the one on the far right.

Showmans engine

We went in here to see an old Black and White film

This set of gallopers date back to circa 1880

Steam driven big wheel

Engine driving the big wheel

Swing boats

"M"s new multi-vitamin tablets had some strange side effects!

View from the top of the big wheel

Looking down on the Haunted House

Peacocks, which seemed to be everywhere!

Its not cheap to get in, but on a fine day there is plenty to see and do, take a picnic and enjoy the place.

Till later...............

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