Sunday, 11 September 2011

Harmans Cross Steam Gala - Day 2

Day 2 here  at Harmans Cross Steam Gala to give it it's correct title.

The caravan is still on the lean, but we have decided to put up with it, plus we have run out of bits of wood to help level it out! So it will have to do.

The weather has been kind to us so far, it did rain a little in the morning, but with a stiff breeze, which isn't thankfully cold, soon dried out the grass.

In the afternoon, using our free steam train tickets, we boarded the train and headed for Corfe Castle. We had a look around the small village, then went up towards the Castle where we found that it was free entry! Our luck is in, so we had a good walk around the castle, which must of been very impressive when it was first built.

After the castle, we sat in the gardens of the National Trust Tea Rooms and had a cream tea whilst looking up at the castle, the only down side to this was the amount of wasps, loads of them, cream, jam and wasps do not make for a relaxing time, so scoffed the lot rapidly and made a quick exit!

Off back on the train, and into Swanage. Had a walk around the town, along the sea front then as it was Swanage Folk Festival, had a look up at there and had a listen to some mad bag pipe playing celtic rock band! Pretty impressive!

We caught a packed steam train back to Harmans Cross, fired up the cadac and had a bite to eat.

We then headed over to the beer tent, but as I had rather over done it the night before was more than happy with my cup of tea in my thermos cup! Must be getting old!

Talking of old it's "M"s birthday today (Sunday)! she is 40 - something. Her daughter is coming over to see her later, they are camping at Kimmeridge around 8 miles away.

Last night we were woken by torrential rain, it really did throw it down, the wind picked up as well. I was half expecting on looking out this morning to see a few awnings and tents down, but thankfully all remain standing.

There is still a fresh breeze blowing which is drying everything out nicely.

I've took loads of pictures yesterday, so I've added them all below. Enjoy - 

Keith and his engine running on the Friday evening busy repairing Tilly Lamps

Left to right - Donna, "M", Chris

"Buddy" dog - Mother in laws dog

On a bit of a slope, you cant really see how bad it is in this picture, but you can see the length of the grass! Our van is the one on the far left.

Choppers! I had one as a kid, bet you didnt know there was a 10 gear version! My old one was dated to 1969 as it had a gear knob rather than a red barrel gear shift.

"M" in her biker chick days had one of these, its a Triumph Tiger Cub

Every thing thought of at this show, if you happen to snuff it, off you go, boxed and ready!

A classic! I like the thought that some one has bothered to do this with this Marina Van.

Ransome Crawler, just looks the business! I want one!

Rugged Robin - Yes it is a half track! You should see it go!

Outboard motor fitted to rear!

Another example of an everyday vehicle being well looked after

Our engine - Wolseley WDII with a Lister Domestic water pump. Thanks to Phil the plumber who kindly soldered the "U" shaped copper pipe on the pump back on to its fixing. This being done in his caravan kitchen sink!

First of many photos of steam trains that Ive taken

On the train, heading for Corfe Castle

Corfe Castle

Taken from the castle looking down onto the line

Holder her hat on - a bit windy!

Taken from the steam train you can just see our caravan on the back row, just to the right of the Dorset Flag.

At the Swanage folk festival, pixie van!

From the other side, if you look carefully you will see that the wheel is floating free! Obviously this owner has mystical powers!

Swanage sea front looking right

Looking left

Mad bag pipe player


  1. Happy birthday to 'M' ! I'm 40 something too (altho' you need to add double figures to get to my 40 something !! ha ha !)
    Make sure everything outside is secure tonight as they're saying we're getting the tail end of last weeks US Hurricane Katia tonight & tomorrow !

  2. Great pics Jools, love the steam loco ones. And the Ransomes crawler - my ex and I bought one a few years ago, did it up and took it to shows, had great fun with it. He kept it when we split up so I'll be looking for another when finances allow. A very Happy Birthday to 'M' by the way!

  3. Nice to know you liked the Rugged One, we hope to be there next year so a drive could be arranged for you, don't be shy!