Monday, 12 December 2011

Portable Caravan Twin Tub Washing Machine

We have often been asked how we get on with doing our washing whilst full timing.

There are a number of options open to us:

1. Use a launderette
2. Where clothes once then discard
3. Where clothes and don't discard!
4. Buy a portable washing machine.

We have used option 1 and 4, these we consider to be the best, but each to their own!

Anyway, the washing machine we bought just over a year ago is a Portable Twin Tub type.

We have found that it works extremely well, and great for doing all items, obviously you cant do a duvet cover in it, but I have managed to wash one of my fleece's which is a good size!

To be honest it actually washes better than the launderette! The spinner on it is wicked!

Whilst surfing around I came across the same one as we have, and at such a good price. I thought I would point you in the direction.

Caravan Twin Tub Washing Machine That's the link and its up for £65.99 we paid over £80 for ours so get it whilst you can!

Till later..............


  1. I am spending a fortune @ laundry and have often wondered how good these are. Thanks for the info,will be adding to my Santa list ;0)

    another fulltimer x

  2. Awesome, do you hook it up to ur aqua things? where do u hang all your washing? like when the weather is bad

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