Sunday, 31 October 2010

Trick or Treat - What out here? No Chance!

No trick or treaters for us, RESULT! Last year we had a load of kids with their parents banging on our door demanding sweets! How about reversing it and giving us something instead? And I dont mean a load of flour and eggs or verbal abuse!

No kids here, mind you, I would of been worried if there were! We are not exactly in a high population area! 2 units left today, so we have the site more or less back to ourselves again - ahhh peace!

We went off to buy gas today, as we were running low, just down the road is a camping shop, they sell calorgas in the new lightweight bottles. Now I dont know about you, and maybe this is me being totally ignorant but I hadnt even thought about the fact that a 6kg gas bottle would weigh more than 6kg. It weighs approx 12kg when full! So with two on board thats an extra 12kg on the nose weight! In making our calculations I hadnt given that a thought! Nice bottles though, they even have a little gauge to tell you when they are empty, Ive got a better gauge, its called "M" and it says, "OUT OF GAS"!
Nice Bottle! Different Top (Plastic)

Been meaning to take a picture of this for a while, its our new waste water attachment, 3 into 1. Works well, and is alot easier to use than battling with 3 lengths of hose, which usually resulted in boots full of water, which always had rice in it, even if we hadnt eaten if for weeks! No more wet legs now!

I dont like this getting dark early lark! 5.30pm am Im using a bloody torch! Ive got a little torch that clips onto the peak of my base ball cap, two clips, one broke almost as soon as I got it, but the last one snapped off today! So had to clamp it in my mouth, whilst filling up the aqua roll, then just at the crucial moment, must of bit to hard, it goes off! Not enough hands, good job I had my boots on! The other thing, I was timing how long it took to fill an aqua roll (note to self - get out more and get a hobby you weirdo) for those that are interested it takes 2 mins and 2 secs to fill our 29ltr roll! If my maths are correct thats around 15 litres a min, hey, not bad for a guy that got a grade 5 cse in maths!

Not sure if I have mentioned this but we are also on twitter! I know - how sad can you get! but if you must you can find us at "caravanliving".

Well, roast pork and roast potatoes for dinner tonight, drop of cider is now needed. So on that note, Happy Halloween, even if it is an american custom imported in to our wonderful island!

Till later......

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