Tuesday, 1 March 2011

6 Months In - Benefits Of Living Full Time In A Caravan

We have just notched up 6 months of living in our caravan! Where does the time go!

So we have just sat down and worked out a list of all the benefits of our new lifestyle!

They are as follows and in no particular order:

Our cost of living has more than halved.

Waking up to birdsong.

Watching amazing sunrises and sunsets.

Looking out over fields.

No noisy neighbours.

No light pollution.

No litter or fag ends on our doorstep.

We can park right outside our front door.

Getting all the washing done in one go instead of a bit everyday.

Eating more healthily.

Sleeping better.

What we now have is our own.

Noticing wildlife such as, deer, hawks, woodpeckers, toads and squirrels plus others right on our doorstep!

Masses of outdoor space.

Clean fresh air.

Peaceful and relaxing and a general feeling of well being.

Less travelling for "M"

These are just our thoughts after 5 minutes, I'm sure there are many more we haven't mentioned.

But, what about the negatives I hear you say? well, they are nothing and not worth mentioning when there are all those benefits above!

For those of you who follow on a regular basis, you will know that we have had a few minor problems to contend with. But, putting things into perspective, its been relatively straight forward to do what we have done.

We really do feel lucky to have this opportunity to do what we are doing.

Whats happening over the next 6 months?

A good question, alot of moves, 9 or 10 shows and a whole load of new experiences of living in a caravan during the hopefully hotter months! This may be more of a challenge than the winter if it gets really hot!

Needless to say, Ill be maintaining the blog, and keeping it updated as often as I can, plenty of kit reviews as well, the first being the Cadac which will be done on Sunday as we have friends coming over (Hi Sharron & Dave) and staying the night in the front end of the caravan on Saturday night. So rain or shine the Cadac will be getting a good work out that evening!

Flitting through some of the forums (the ones I haven't been kicked out of) people are starting to plan their holidays and camping trips. We should really get a move on and try and plan ours, but with the multitude of camp sites around this area, we should be ok. (famous last words).

Its only 2 months to our first show, and I haven't done any maintenance on my stationary engine, I had planned on removing the fuel tank and giving it a good clean out, as during the last show, the fuel line got totally bunged up with shite! A mouth full of petrol and muck soon sorted it out, but the tank must have some sludge in the bottom of it. More than likely it will get done the next time the fuel stops flowing!

On site its starting to dry out, slowly! The ground certainly has been wet recently. Last Friday morning another one of the campers here had to be towed out with the tractor. I was hurling it down with rain, and his Jag estate just couldn't get any grip (know the feeling well). So out came the tractor and tugged him up the track.

However, there is one thing you must do when being towed and that's to let the tow vehicle do the work especially when its a great big tractor! As a result of letting the tow rope go slack by making too much ground, the tractor would then nearly tug the front end of the car off when the slack was taken back up! The noise wasn't good at all, this can not only seriously damage the chassis of the car, but totally wreck the inside of your caravan!

I watched from a safe distance and I have to say from the dry of the awning, well, too many cooks spoil the broth as they seemed to have everything under control!

Today being Tuesday, I spent it at the caravan, really busy with writing descriptions and taking photographs. Next time I put up the studio Ill take a picture of the set up, it really is very basic but it makes the photographs look 100% professional!

Same again tomorrow, all though no photographs as I did them all today.

"M" said that where she works they had their busiest and best day of the year so far. It does mean she came home slightly frazzled, but at least she only had a 10 minute drive instead of a 50 minute drive like she used to.

We have had our tea, a very healthy smoked mackerel with new potatoes, mushrooms and peas! Followed by a very unhealthy apple pie and custard!

Cup of tea brewing so till later...................


  1. Congratulations on reaching 6 months!
    Well done :o)

  2. Yes, congrats to you both. You started at the harshest time of year and now you will love the summer time.

    If you remember we have been thinking about doing this for a while now (last year I wanted to get a motorhome) and having been following you along with our own thoughts and ideas for a while now we have decided we HAVE to do it.

    We have given up our jobs and the GO date is ~April 1-15th.

    Towbar being fitted tomorrow (Thurs)

    Caravan deposit is PAID, collect April 1-9th

    Now planning the great cancellation of direct debits and all that fiatsco ponzi rubbish.

    Your list is only part of the great benefits to living this way I think.

    I am Nervous, scared, eager, happy, excited and all the rest. I am committed now.

    Now we need to plan where to go :)

  3. Thanks Bugs!

    Hi Johnny 5, yes cancelling the direct debits was fun and games, but it felt good!

    We too felt anxious and very nervous but 6 months down the line we are very happy we made the move!!

  4. Great blog, found it when researching the potential of full-time caravan life (any other suggestions greatly received). Personally I have been living in France with my french partner (half the battle of living abroad right!) for under a year now and we are doing it the 'correct' way i.e. living in an apartment and paying the standard bills but the costs take most of his wage and my allocated savings so now we want to try something different and attempt to do more than just stay afloat each month. Thanks for sharing.