Sunday, 30 January 2011

Hurst Castle - A Day By The Sea!

We woke this morning to a good frost, but the sun was shining brightly so after a quick cuppa we loaded up and headed for the coast!

We parked up and took the walk out to Hurst castle  built by Henry VIII as part of his coastal defence system. Now owned by English Heritage.

A bit chilly as we walked along the spit but the views were fantastic, once out of the wind if was like a summers day! You could actually feel the wind burning your face!

It was hard work walking on the shingle but well worth the effort. Great views back in towards Christchurch and Lymington and across the water to the Isle of Wight.

I took a few pictures which Ive loaded up at the bottom.

Selling off of the forests!

Im not sure how good an idea this is, it doesnt sit comfortably with me, it really depends on what they are going to do with the forest area once its sold. At the moment you can park up in the many car parks around the forest for free and ramble across vast areas, if this was stopped then I for one would be mighty upset, but if they are going to start replenishing the forest with trees then this is a different matter. Im watching this with keen interest.

Ebook - Living In A Caravan

Certainly this has opened up a debate, which is interesting to hear, so please feel free to comment if you havent all ready!

Im still going ahead with it, just because, well, quite simply because I can!

As part of my research Ive posted on various forums different questions to see what sort of response I get about living in a caravan. Its amazing to hear that some people think you may have to tax a caravan! And others who think that as soon as it rains then the whole field will turn into a bog and you will be stuck for days. The best I heard though was from someone who was turned down by the caravan club as they only had a tent. Now, Im sorry, but doesnt the name caravan club give it away?

Now based on that very small sample, is there a need for a book or not?

Anyway, we hope you had a fantastic weekend as we certainly did!

Heres the pictures I took today
The spit is to the right, if you look centre left you can just make out the lighthouse. Behind is the land mass of the Isle of Wight

The lighthouse at the end of the spit

Hurst Castle, during WW2 housed a gun battery and search lights

On our way back from the castle, looking towards Bournemouth

Till later...........


  1. Your pictures look great,Very blue skys, am very jealous We are on our way down to Wareham Forest February half term and cannot wait.

  2. Thanks, enjoy you stay in our this wonderful part of the world!

  3. Hi we are going to Dorset in the summer and looking forward to seeing the lovely part of the country that you are in.

  4. Make sure you visit Shaftesbury, famous for Gold Hill, remember the hovis advert!? The views around the town are amazing!

  5. Answer to our question will be on our blog today. Interested how you have enabled your comments. We now use Google Chrome and are unable to post comments to most blogs have to revert to IE.

  6. Hi i have just looked on ukcs and somebody is asking for your website hey fame at last we must say that we enjoy your blog we are parttime fulltimers we only do it for the summer then back to the central heating for winter roll on april

  7. Hi Geoff, thanks for letting me know, if you could do me a favour and point them this way the address is as I cant leave posts on that site anymore! They didnt have the courtesey to tell me why. Some folk!!!

  8. Hi Derek & Dot, I dont use Google Chrome so that may be the answer? other than that just followed through on dashborad!

    For everyone else - please go and take a look at these guys blog, spent time on the canals and are now awaiting their campervan to exploure the UK!

  9. I saw the post on UKCS asking for your blog address and I was in the middle of typing a comment to respond and the thread disappeared !
    Nice to know they have not forgotten you !

  10. Hi Apple Tree - There immaturity and pettiness shows no limits! And they say that caravanning is friendly! I really dont understand their logic, if anyone could explain to me why they are like this I would love to know! I thought we lived in a society where free speach was a right that we won at the cost of many lives, and continue to do so on a daily basis! They should be wise to remember this next time they hit delete! Makes my blood boil!