Monday, 30 May 2011

Mystery Car Identified As Rochdale GT

Our friend 007Herbert has indentified the car below as a Rochdale GT by clicking on the link it will give you a whole load of information on it!

007Herbert is currently recovering from a knee operation, the life of espionage, and dare devil stunts is finally taking its toll on his body. Hope you get better soon!

Its a bit wet here today, so Im afraid rain is stopping play! I havnet uncovered the engine yet, and if the weather stays like this I dont think I will be. A shame, but there you go!

A few of the exhibitors have fired theirs up, but maybe they can afford to replace magneto's etc. I certainly cant.

We have also seen tractors and vintage lorries all ready leaving the show. We aim to pack the engine into the landrover around 1600 then take it back to Gillingham.

I wonder how many people will be left on site this evening, not many I reckon!

We have our little gene going around the back of the caravan, it works brilliantly and well worth the £94.00 for the 1Kva output.

Keeps our leisure battery topped up and the laptops going! I reckon I would get the shakes if I couldnt log on!

Well, nothing to report here from a damp Selwood Vintage Steam Rally, but now looking forward to our next show which is in West Bay, on the 11th and 12th of June, just outside of Bridport and right on the coast. A cracking location and a good show. Lets hope the weather is a little better!

Till later..................


  1. Where did you see this GT?

    Was it recent or is it an old photo?

    As there is no registration number it's difficult to identify its history, as there are so few roadworthy versions around.

  2. Hi it was seen at the Selwood Vintage Steam Rally in Wiltshire about 2 weeks ago.

  3. Car belongs to Daryn Ayliffe . . the bonnet is pretty distinctive