Sunday, 7 August 2011

Busy Weekend!

Sat was spent in the company of my daughter Emily. I don't get to see her that much as she lives up in Preston and we are in deepest darkest Dorset. She was down staying with her Grandma so we had the chance to spend a day with her.

She sure is growing up quick - Almost 17 1/2 years old! At that age I was just about to be posted out to Germany and can remember what I was like, so it does scare me to think she is the same age!

It was certainly fun times with never a dull moment back then! I still keep in touch with old mates from those mad days via facebook and a few have followed me onto here to see how I'm doing!

If you have ever been in the forces you will know, that once your in, your in. Earlier this year my mate Mark and his family came down to see us and spent the week with us, we hadn't seen each other in years, but it was like we had lived next door to each other. We joined up together, same day, same troop and then got posted out to Germany together, to the same Regiment and same Squadron. Same with my other best mate PB over in N.I. We all may of put on a few pounds and in PB's case lost his hair, but essentially nothing changes. I don't think you get that in civvy street.

Well that was yesterday. This morning the alarm woke us at 0530 hrs, yes, another car boot! So off we trundled after loading up yesterday evening. Pitched up and did ok, so worth while getting up at that unearthly time of day.

We then had to go to a nursery to sort out plants for a rockery that I had cleared last week, plants bought and back to the van.

Also forgot to say that Ive had another contract confirmed for gardening which now takes me up to 30hrs over 4 weeks, not bad, all from an email campaign that I put together over the last two weeks.

Times that by 3 and Ill be happy!

We then nipped up to Witchampton Club for a quick pint, could of quite easily of stayed up there and wiped the rest of the day out, but we were good and came home!

A relaxing afternoon watching a DVD and generally doing bugger all.

This evening I'm just about to crack open a beer and cook some pork chops and sauteed potatoes on the cadac.

Time to put a jacket on though, I heard some one else say today that it felt as if there was a nip in the air, and feeling a bit autumnal! Looking at the trees they are certainly starting to turn and the leaves have all ready started to drop around the site in places.

Its going to be a long winter if this is right! Stood filling up the aqua rolls this evening, I was thinking of the times I did this wearing thick coat, hat, gloves and a head torch! Oh what fun!

And not forgetting when I couldn't even fill the aqua rolls as the mains pipes on site had frozen! Oh happy days!!!

But, we are still here to tell the tale, and to be totally honest wouldn't have it any other way - Winter - bring it on!!!!!!

Till later......................

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