Monday, 8 August 2011

Power Cut!

This morning I was happily tapping away at the keys, when the low battery warning popped up on the laptop.

Probably just tripped at the circuit board as the site is full and it only takes a couple of kettles to go on at the same time to crash the lot!

So went and saw the owners who said it was a definite power cut as the electricity board were working on a fault.

This was probably due to the thunder storm we had yesterday evening. It was pretty good to watch, the power didn't go off then, but it obviously had struck and damaged something.

All though I'm not too sure that standing in a field, holding an umbrella whilst cooking pork chops and sauteed potatoes on the cadac whilst lightening is going on and its tipping down with rain is a sensible thing to do, so kids don't try that!

It didn't go back on till late this afternoon, so it was a fairly relaxing day for me!

It was even off up at my unit so I couldn't go up there and do some work either. Well, I did try!

Tomorrow I'm off to my gardening job in Bournemouth, lets hope the weather stays fine.

Till later............

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