Tuesday, 23 August 2011

Tuesday - Hay On Wye And A Bit Of A Drive

Today, we decided to give walking a miss!

"M"s mum wanted to see the black mountains, so I sorted out a route that we could drive which would hopefully give us some good views, and some narrow country lanes to go down.

We set out late morning and headed for Crickhowell, where we turned left and headed for Llanbedr, from there we headed up a single track road as far as we could which ran along side the Grwyne Fawr. At the very top was a Forestry Commission car park where we parked up and had a short walk.

After that we headed for Lllanthony and up pas Lord Hereford's Knob which had spectacular views which you can see below in the pictures!

From here we dropped down into Hay-On-Wye. We had a good walk around the town which is famous for its book shops. I must admit that I thought the town was larger, so was a bit surprised that it really was that small.

After a couple of hours of exploring the town we headed back to the camp site.

98 miles of driving around lanes today, the Pajero worked brilliantly, but what else did I expect!

Once we were back and after a cuppa, we decided that it was time to look into how the rear seats and the third row of seats fold down to make a bed. We started out by trying it with all three rows but it just didn't work. So we only used the last two rows, and to be honest it worked really well.

We thought that it could be useful for when we want to get away for a weekend, and to do some wild camping and not have to lug a massive shed behind us.

No plans for tomorrow yet, really all depends on the weather, which doesn't look too good at the moment!

Just outside of Hundred House, near our camp site

Cant see the wood for the trees!

Grwyne Fawr

The next set of pictures are taken from Lord Herefords Knob!

Confused with these road markings? On a street in Hay-On-Wye

It's Chilli tonight, "M" bought some scotch bonnet chilli's which I tried out last night on a burger. One whole one chopped up, its not just the Welsh Dragon spitting flames this morning so was my arse!

So on that note - till later....................


  1. Looks like you have a great tug there, sounds like you're having a good break. Nothing like a change of scenery as they say. How's the van holding up? My fridge is playing up, sometimes it just stops chilling, then starts working again! Currently the truma fire is in bits as an engineer has been and has ordered a couple of bits, could have done it myself but he will do the relevant gas and flue tests. One minor point how is your fixed bed mattress holding up, not trying to pry LoL! its just they cant be turned like regular ones.

  2. Hi Andy, The van is holding up well to full time living! Nothing seriously wrong at all. Our Truma fire packed in last winter on the electric side and required a new circuit board. On the fridge the dial that goes between 12v Gas and 240v broke but I fixed it with super glue!
    The fixed bed mattress is holding up well, and Im an 18 stone bloke! We do have a mattress topper on it, but so far no probs at all!

  3. If you fancy a spin, ask Katie to direct you to the Abergwesyn Pass.

    It is a quite spectacular scenic drive (with some thrills and an opportunity to do some mild green laning if you stray off the tarmac)and come back down the side of llyn briane resevior.

  4. Hi thanks for that, but now run out of days! So will keep that in mind for next time we are back, as we want to come back to walk the waterfalls around Ystradfelte and do Pen Y Fan.

  5. Lord Herefords Knob and a firey arse, sounds like you are having a fine time.