Friday, 12 August 2011

Purbeck Vintage Rally

We packed up yesterday (Thurs) and as soon as "M" had finished work we got ready to leave.

Slight technical hitch! Once I had loaded up the Pajero with the stationary engine and tool boxes, jerry cans of fuel and all the rest of our gear, the tow hitch looked as if I was about to plough a field.

What I didnt take into consideration was the weight factor once loaded! So a quick trip back up to my unit to get the big spanners out to take off the recently acquired drop plate!

Once back, we hooked up and set off. There is some debate as to which is best practice for towing. Either 2wd (2h) or 4wd (4h). I went for the 4wd option as I believe that this will spread the load over both diffs and so prolong the life of them. I didnt notice any difference in mpg so 4wd does seem to be the best and safest option.

I must say it towed like a dream, it was amazing. Acceleration in the old Freelander was just not there, but with the Pajero, I had to keep reminding myself I was tugging a large shed behind me.

Also I had on board 200+kg of stationary engine in the back!

Its an automatic, and I must say that this makes driving a lot easier and relaxing, especially when  in a que of traffic.

It took us around an hour to get to the show ground, we got in ok, and found where we were supposed to go.

The ropes were up which showed us the front of the pitch, so I pulled in around the back and drove right up to it. About to unhitch, but as the ropes were in the way, I thought I would push them down around the posts so that I could get out. Either that or leave the van 15 foot back from everyone else which looks odd. Not only that but our van would stick out 10 foot into the safety road behind the line up.

The marshall came over ranting and raving about his ropes, so I kindly asked him how I was expected to get my car out? His answer was that I should of had a motor mover fitted. Cheeky Git! At this point being the mild mannered Gent that I am, told him to Foxtrot Oscar. I wouldnt of minded if he had been polite to start with, but Im afraid a red rag to a bull. Talk to me nicely and Im good as gold. Wind me up by being stroppy and disrespectful , and watch me blow! Didnt I talk about that word respect before?

"M" had to calm me down as I was ready to hook up and leave! I really dont see what the problem was, the show hadnt started, so its not a safety issue, all I wanted to do was line my van up with everyone elses. The ropes would of been put back. No other show does this or has a problem with it. I guess though its our fault for having a long van! So its now stuck out 10 foot into the safety road! So the ropes look great, just hope no one tags the back of my van!

We pitched up, but Im afraid I was on a bit of a downer for the evening, so we had a quick pint across at the beer tent then headed back to the van.

"M" is working today, so she set off early to head back to Ringwood. Me, I had a walk around the rally, then got everything ready for a stew which is now bubbling away, ready for later. Its not exactly brilliant summer weather here, rather overcast with the odd shower. So stew seems rather fitting!

Watched 3 others arrive with their caravans, not only did they drop the ropes but took the stakes out as well! Not a word from the marshal, perhaps as there were 3 blokes he decided against it?

So its wasn't just me, which I'm glad about, we all just used common sense instead of being single minded and not looking at the bigger picture!

Its been a quiet day here, but it is Friday, lets hope there are a few visitors in tomorrow.

Till later........


  1. I see your Pajero is an automatic. Can I suggest that you have fitted if it is not already done a transmission oil cooler. Heat is the enemy of autos. They are usually fitted in front of the radiator and are in addition to factory fitted cooler which is in the radiator. I've had one fitted to every auto that I owned including the Landcruiser. Good insurance when pulling up a long hill with thew van on.

  2. Hi Robin, just checked and it has a Transmission Cooler fitted! But am now reading that you shouldnt tow with Overdrive selected? Unsure as to the reason - any ideas?