Monday, 29 August 2011

What A Weekend!

Its now Monday, the last of the family have headed off and we are now left in a big field on our own - feels kind of strange after having so many people around us all weekend.

We have had a brilliant time, with 007 Herbert and Mrs Herbert coming across on Saturday evening to see us. Mr Gulliver and Grayer, old friends of mine. Jody ("M"s daughter) Leanne and her two boys ("M"s niece) Ronnie and Jane and their daughter Tara over from Ireland. All camping with us.

Its been a bit hectic.

We had to warn the camp site owners, Ronnie moved to Ireland 18 years ago, his accent isnt English and it isnt Irish, its just sort of Pikey! And what with driving a beat up old white transit van with Irish plates, well you can put two and two together! So we thought it best to warn them in case they thought they were being invaded!

Saturday night we had a roaring fire going on, and that kept us all going till the wee hours! Then Sunday feeling rather fragile we headed off to a pub down the road for a family meal as it was "M"s Mums 65th birthday. 

I was lead astray by Ronnie and had a few pints, well it was either kill or cure!

Last night we sat around the fire again, and had a couple of drinks, it was a lovely time.

Just clearing up, so much food left as well!

Ill be writing more about what a whole year living in our caravan full time means to us later on, but just wanted to get this down before I forgot!

Till later.................

P.S. thanks for all the kind messages/congratulations etc!!!

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