Tuesday, 23 August 2011

Monmouth And Brecon Canal

The plan for the day was to go for a walk around the Talybont Reservoir, but as the walk was completely covered by tree's and for the most we couldnt even see the reservoir, after around a mile we headed back to the Pajero. My thinking was that if I wanted to walk in forest I can do that back home!

So, as we had crossed a canal and a rather large river several times, then we would head back to them, park up and walk along the canal tow path or river. We wanted somewhere level to walk so that "M"s mum would be ok, as she suffered on the hill on the previous day.

We parked up at bridge 158 on the Monmouth and Brecon Canal and walked into Brecon it was only 3.5 miles but took us 2 hrs! "M"s Mum not being the quickest of walkers!

We stopped at the end of the canal and had a drink, then headed back, but it was clear that "M"s mum was struggling, so about a third of the way back there was a small village with a pub, which is where I said I would meet them, after walking back to get the car.

I had managed to walk the 3.5 miles back to the car, drive towards the pub, where I met them still walking to it!

We got back to the caravan, had a couple of beers, fired up the cadac, and had an early night.

Talybont Reservoir, stood on top of the dam

Not sure what this little fella is?

Taken from the viaduct on the Monmouth and Brecon canal

G.I. "M" trying not to be pulled into the river by the dogs

Looking up river, the river is looking low.

Along the canal tow path, a good walk, would of been great if we had brought our bikes!

Today, I think we are off for a drive down and through the Black Mountains, then we are heading to Hay On Wye, where I will hopefully loose myself in some book shops for a few hours!

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