Monday, 15 August 2011

Purbeck Vintage Rally Day 2 and 3

"M" was up and off to work, she couldn't get the time off due to staff shortages and cut backs!

But, at least she only had to work the morning. The weather was a bit overcast all day, there was a steady but slow trickle of people coming by to view the engine line up.

I was talking with our neighbour and we watched as the air ambulance helicopter came by, he circled the show a couple of times and then landed in the arena. We all thought as the shows often donate towards the upkeep of the helicopters they were doing a bit of publicity.

I'm afraid to say that this wasn't the case, from what we have heard an old MG with an auto clutch mechanism was turned on by its owner from outside of the car, unfortunately it was left in gear and with revving the engine it went forward and went over the top of an old lady, who had just managed to push her husband out of the way before it took her out!

She has suffered multiple broken bones and is in a critical but not life threatening situation!

So we wish her a speedy recovery!

The rest of the show went without incident, however, just on a note which both "M" and I found rather sad and to say the least a little childish. As I had said on a previous post we had had a run in with a marshal and his ropes. On the Sunday a raffle was being held, we normally buy tickets and if it wasn't for lack of organisation on our part "M" was going to donate a prize from her company. The same marshall came down the line stopping at everyone to see if they wanted to buy tickets, well I say everyone, he ignored us and walked right by! Went up to the folk next to us, but himself and his partner looked away from us as they walked by! (Charming). Bloody good job we hadn't donated!

The final straw was that most shows give out a little memento to the exhibitors, which can be anything from an engraved glass to a metal plaque with the shows details on it. This show was giving out small metal plaques, its a nice reminder, but I'm afraid to say, ours was bent, now this can only of been on purpose as I checked with the folk up and down the line and ours was the only one that was! Guess who was given them out! It was also left on my engine, and not given to me personally, I was stood no more than 10 foot away when he walked by ignoring me once more.

So on reflection a good show, but spoilt by childish behaviour, which is sad to see. Will we attend next year? not really sure. We know others that organise the show, and went due to knowing them, but to be honest if they weren't there I wouldn't be bothering again.

So I hope someone has a word in his shell like, there is no excuse for that sort of behaviour.

These shows are to preserve and show vintage vehicles and machinery for others to see and enjoy, the marshalls are in a position of trust and with that comes respect, but to be good at this you have to have tolerance, understanding and be able to communicate. Without these qualities you shouldnt be in that position of trust.

As you can see, its now Monday and Im still harping on about it! Funny how little things upset me these days.

My sister Ali and her partner Matt along with Lucy came down on the Saturday afternoon to try out their new caravan. First time it had ever been used, no dramas with towing or setting up so reckon they had a good time.

So a big thank you to Donna for helping organise passes etc at short notice!

We got back to our site on Sunday evening, its pretty full, but folk are packing up today,  so peace will shortly be here!

The Pajero towed well, and was mighty impressed with how it handled. I towed in 4wd as this is recommended especially as we had alot of weight on board. One thing I'm not sure about and I'm going to seek further advice is that we have an over-drive button, which I use. But not sure if I should use this when towing, Ive heard some say don't and others say yes.

I thought the idea of over-drive was that once a fast enough speed is reached then it kicks in and drops a further cog to get better fuel economy. When I hit 50mph ish it drops from 2500 revs to 2000 revs, it would surely only do this if it felt it wasn't under load?

Under normal acceleration the over-drive doesn't come into play at all, so with my way of thinking it isn't putting anything under strain or load by having it switched on. Or does it?

We also had the suspension set up to "hard" when towing, again recommended, but when we switched it to "soft" when we were driving over the field it was a very smooth ride. It has three suspension settings "hard" "medium" and "soft"

For an older 4x4 it certainly has alot of bells and whistles, and they all work!

Next Saturday we are off to Fforest Fields near Builth Wells, debating the best route to travel, many different ways of getting there, so really not sure which way to go. Motorways bore the life out of me, too many years driving up and down them! So thinking of heading from Ringwood, up to Swindon, the A419 through Cirencester, Gloucester, then on to Ross on Wye, up to Hereford head out on the A38 pick up the A4111 to Kington then the A44 and finally the A481 which should take us right to the door!

If anyone can suggest a route other than that I'm all ears, apart from spending too much time on a motorway that is!

Well, best get this day started, till later............

And as always, pics to follow!


  1. Aww what a shame yr off to Fforest fields next weekend , im just jealous lol always wanted to go

    anyway , we cant go to the site we wanted to as we stupidly didnt book and have had to find another site at short notice for 23rd Aug - 2nd Sept we found one called meadow view in Horton , Wimborne ,well we've never been there , and i know you know the local area and wondered what you thought of it ??

    also , theres a beautiful pub there called Drusillas inn, and theyre having a steam rally on the BH weekend , was hoping to see you there , but you're away on holiday , ( shouldnt be allowed as u luckily live in a caravan full time lol )

    Eileenhoops x

  2. Hi Eileen, we are back on Fri 26th and on the Sat we are having a bit of a knees up to celebrate being 1 year in our caravan. We are just down the road approx 1 mile from meadow view, so feel free to pop along!

    Meadow View is good site, with loo's and showers etc, on a gentle slop with loads of great places to walk nearby and further afield!

    Yes, the pub's not bad but would recommend the pub "The Stocks" at Furzehill, approx 3 mile from meadow view, does amazing food!

    If you would like to pop over, then let me know and Ill give you directions, regards Jools