Wednesday, 31 August 2011

Its Not Just Me!

I had a comment left for me by Johnny5 who regularly reads the blog with his partner TJ. They took the plunge, like we did 5 or 6 months ago, and have been full timing in their caravan down in Devon.

Like us, they have seen the benefits of living like this, and are enjoying the experience.

So don't forget as you scroll through the posts to click on the comments and read those as well!

Last night we drove down to Lymington and had a meal at a pub called the Mayflower. The food was absolutely amazing! I had whitebait, they were almost the size of sardines! Tasted wonderful with home made tartare sauce. Followed by a massive tuna steak on a caesar salad, with anchovies mixed in! Mind blowing, "M" had mussels in a white wine sauce followed by a sirloin steak with a stilton sauce!. So if your ever down this way, pop in here for a bite to eat!

We went as it was "M"s daughters (Jody) birthday. It was a nice drive down as we have to travel through the New Forest, the heather in full flower and looking very purple at the moment. Encountering a few ponies on the way down, but none on the way back!

Had a bit of a drama before we set off, as we had noticed that the off side head lamp bulb had gone, thankfully it was easy to get at, but not only had the bulb failed, but on removing the plug from the rear, then a rubber surround and finally the clip holding the bulb in place I discovered after hearing if drop that the bulb had parted company with the circular backing plate! You know the bit that mates up with the rear of the lens to stop it falling into the headlamp!

Luckily I had an extendable magnet which with a bit of job I went fishing to get the bulb end out of the headlamp casing. I certainly didn't want to leave it in rattling around, and I didn't want to start taking the whole headlamp out. Thankfully all sorted fairly quickly and off we went!

On site at the moment, but not rushing! I've got packing to do after a sale that finished on ebay, so that will take most of the morning, by the time Ive posted it all as well, then off to the tip with the garden waste from yesterday, then the rest of the day will be spent emailing, trying to drum up a bit more business.

This approach does seem to be working, as I've another quote to do later this week, once a time can be sorted for me to see them.

Basically its all down to numbers, the more you send out the more chance you have of getting a reply. Not rocket science, but you just have to get on and do it, which when your in a caravan with an amazing view watching the swallows skimming the field for insects, can get a bit distracting and before you know it another hour has floated sweetly by!

So with that in mind, better get going and do something other than blog, drink coffee and look out the window!

Till later..............

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