Wednesday, 10 August 2011

What Is Happening To Our World?

What goes through the minds of the people who are intent on rioting and causing mayhem!

I really struggle with the mentality of these people, in my book its all down to one simple word "RESPECT" and the obvious lack of it.

Those of you who have been following this blog for a while have probably realised that I'm a tad right wing, and would like to see firmer and more fitting punishment brought back in. Personally I like the idea of re-introducing the stocks! Barbaric? No - fitting!

As you can see we have had a number of years now where by the lefties have had it their own way, with their "don't shout at the children" regime - yes the same 16 yr old wielding a base ball bat and running off with an X box stuffed up his hoodie! Yep your system sure works!

Perhaps our Government will re-think the staffing levels of our Police - but don't hold your breath!

It also makes me slightly annoyed the amount of people who are saying send in the troops! OK, I agree with this view, but, some of these same people do not or have not supported them whilst they are serving abroad in far more dangerous circumstances. Now they are needed they want to use them but only when it suits them!

The Police are doing an amazing job from what Ive seen and heard. Talk about restrainment with one hand tied behind your back in case they hurt one of these rioters! What a farce.

Go in hard, no messing around, which is why the Army could be used, but, this is a double edged sword. How is this viewed by the rest of the world? The only other countries at present where soldiers are being used to stop incidents are Syria, Libya and a few other wayward countries!

So how do we sort it out, well I'm afraid its all a bit too late, the last 20+ years have been to liberal and the rot has set in. It will take at least another 20 years to sort if we adopt a more positive and tougher stance now, and that just wont happen!

Our nearest big town is Bournemouth, I haven't heard of any trouble there yet, but 20 miles down the road Southampton has had a few minor disturbances.

All is quite here on our camp site, with a couple of families enjoying the sun shine that we have had over the last few days. Not sure how long the sun is supposed to shine for as I think rain is forecast for the weekend.

We are off to the Purbeck Rally for the weekend, we took down the awning last night just in case it rained today.

This will be the first time we have towed with the Pajero, looking forward to seeing how it handles it all, as we are also going to load our stationary engine into the back. This will save us two trips.

My sister Ali with Matt and Lucy are coming down to the show with their new caravan! This will be the first time they have used it!

Another family converted to a caravan!

Over the last 3 or 4 days I've received 3 emails from different people all wanting more information on full timing in a caravan. I wonder if its the shocking pictures on the TV that have spurred them on with their plans?

It would do it for me!

So if there is anyone else out there thinking about going full time - stop thinking about it and do it!

What could possibly go wrong!

Till later.........

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  1. I too will be interested in how the Pajero tows the van.

    We have been watching with horror at the mindless destruction by kids of their own neighbourhoods - crazy. Good to see some areas are now standing up to these thugs. As you are an avid EBay user an interesting statistic came out the other day over hear - the sale of base ball bats has gone through the roof.