Sunday, 28 August 2011

One Whole Year Of Full Time Living In Our Caravan!

So that's it then!

We have got through our first year of living full time in our caravan. 

People have thought we were mad, doing this, that we had lost the plot by selling up and buying a caravan, and some times I even think it myself.

But, do you know what, its the best thing we have ever done! Its a brilliant way to live, we are so much happier, and richer, not in the monetary sense but in the life sense!

As we are having a bit of a party weekend, with family over from Ireland, Im rapidly running out of time today to write, so will write more tomorrow, as there is 30 of us off for lunch today!

I just wanted to say thank you to all that read this blog, its great knowing that there are people from all over the world who regularly sit and spend a few minutes reading through the nonsense I write!

Its great getting feedback from people, makes it all worth it!

Thank you!

Till later.............


  1. Congrats on your anniversairy!!! love your blog and read every post



  2. Hi you will have to tell us how the caravan is holding up How old is it now?
    And have you had any major problems with it?
    Good luck for the next year

  3. Congratulations both of you on your one year anniversary & very well done !

    I think we should be thanking you for such an interesting & entertaining blog & for the invaluable information you provide both here & privately to fellow wannados like me !!

    Here's to reading all about year 2 !

  4. Congratulations J+M

    I hope you celebrated well.

    The time sure flew by.

    2 weeks and we have been at it for 5 months woohooo....

    All the best


  5. Many congratulations on your anniversary, I too read your blog every week, and find it very interesting. Here's to the next year, hope you find it as enjoyable.


  6. Hiya , congrats on your first year, loved catching up tonight after our 10 days away , Fantastic pics and great review about FF Thanks for that !!

    our new campsite was FAB , we loved it , and every time we passed your field, i waved lol even tho u werent there , its a shame we didnt get to meet up, we had no phone / internet service at all ( BLISS ) so couldnt contact u to arrange meeting x hope yr party was a success

    Eileenhoops x

    ps we'll be back there next year