Friday, 19 August 2011

We Are Going On Holiday - Well, Sort Of!

Heading off to South Wales tomorrow, as soon as "M" has finished work.

But, as we live in a caravan full time, heading off to another site, is that actually a holiday or just some where different to pitch up?

A bit like a sailor going on a cruise when he is on leave!

Mind you, I intend to do alot of walking, reading and sipping Gin!

The site here is full to bursting, with loads of dogs, which "China" takes exception to as she classes it as her site, even the site owners dog gets a hard time from her and that's a Rottweiler!

She has plenty of attitude for such a little dog!

Today was spent at a pub, lovely you say, well not so when you spend 5 hrs pushing a lawn mower around the grounds! Totally knackered. I came back and had to have a lie down. Ache! I ache in places I didn't know could ache! 

Mind you I got on the scales today, and that's me lost 4.5Lbs and now under 18 stone! So at least this gardening lark is giving me a health benefit, although I don't feel it at present.

We had a bit of a de-clutter this evening, 5kg of books, and paperwork removed from the van, its so easy to accumulate things like this. You don't even realise that you are doing it.

An early night tonight, long day tomorrow, so,

Till later.................


  1. Have a fab time in Fforest fields , im still jealous lol please take lots of pics :) it looks a lovely place

    also we're heading down to meadow view tuesday , forecast looks crap , and in 10 years of camping we've never had to pitch the tent in the rain so that should be fun

    have a goodun and if we can meet up on the saturday night that would be good , if you want to email me the site yr on

    take care speak soon

    Eileenhoops x

  2. Have a great holiday - hope it all goes well. We don't want to be worry-worts, but have you ever been away on holiday with MIL before?

  3. Hi Eileen we are just down the road approx 1.5 miles towards Bournemouth on the same road as your site called Silverwoods, if you get stuck email us, its up along gravel drive way, then as you come into the site go straight through the field on the left with the campers on it, enter the field and keep on the track you should see us in the next field, away from everyone else, it could be a messy night!

    Hi Robin and Jenny, no never been on holiday with MIL before so should be interesting!!