Thursday, 25 August 2011

Sgwd Yr Eira - Waterfalls And A Bit Of A Drive

Before we came away "M" was told about some waterfalls, one of which you can apparently walk behind as it falls over the rocks.

So a quick look on google, (what would we do without the internet) and we located it around 30 miles away. Its called Sgwd Yr Eira This is the waterfall through which Arthur and Merlin ride (virtually at least) on their quest to find Morgause in the episode The Sins of the Father. The link is here.

We found the place, parked up in a forestry commission car park and set off. It did start to rain a little but it didn't last for long. The going isn't easy, and "M"s mum did struggle, so a word of warning, if your not actively fit, don't go, as there are alot of steep steps to go up and down.

There is a circular route which takes in half a dozen or so waterfalls, we did two of the waterfalls, but we want to return when the rivers are a little fuller and on our own to do all of them.

We spent a couple of hours here walking, then once back at the Paj we set off on a route via the lanes to Sennybridge, we crossed the A40 and then headed up over the hills on lanes once more to Llandulas then up to Llangammarch Wells which is a Military Road, which luckily was open the day we went along it with some great views.

From here it was a quick drive over Builth Wells and back to the camp site. We eventually got back just after 1800 hrs.

Another 100 mile plus day in the Paj, which again, drove with no problems at all, coping easily with 25% gradients, not a whiff of black smoke even under heavy acceleration!

Oh, and found out last night that we have electric mirrors which fold flat, not bad for an 18 year old truck!

Once back on site, which has emptied out considerably since we have been here. "M"s mum said she would take us out for a meal. We headed over to the Seven Stars Inn Really good food and a good pint of Felinfoel. Could of quite easily sank half a dozen of these but as I was driving had to do with just the one! Shame the pub was a little quiet, as with the quality of food they were serving they should be packed to the rafters! So if your in the area, head here, as its worth the trip.

Whilst I'm recommending things, when we were in Hay On Wye at the top of the carpark was a rather lovely looking VW camper, which was up for hire. So if you cant afford to own one, or just cant justify owning one, then this may be your chance to hire one out, a sort of try before you buy sort of thing! You can find them at Hay Campers 

Today, Thursday, we are having a lazy day around the site, and hopefully heading out for a walk up some hills later on. Well, that's my plan.

Here are some of the pictures.

The first of the waterfalls

Sgwd Yr Eira - A 50ft waterfall

Filling up his kettle!

Twisted tree - strange shape!

Resting after a rather steep incline!

More single track roads

So till later..............

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