Thursday, 18 August 2011

I Think Thats Summer Over!

I've been keeping a keen eye on the weather recently, trying to predict what the weather will actually do is near on impossible. I've more chance of being able to juggle jelly!

But it does appear to be getting wetter and with that a few degrees cooler. Not good when we are planning to head to mid wales and camping in the hills. The actual temperature there when compared to temperatures here is approx 3 - 4 degrees cooler!

With that in mind, when I was up at the unit yesterday, I dug out some of my long sleeve cotton shirts, you know the ones that farmers wear! Tough and durable, and made of cotton, you simply cant beat them. Ill still be in shorts though! They don't come off till October earliest!

Its raining heavily at the moment, and this is set to continue on and off for the next few days, so by that time we will be looking at the beginning of September, and that's summer done and dusted.

The leaves have all ready started to drop, so wont be long before they start to turn colour.

We are also rapidly approaching August 26th. Whats so special about that day? Well, on that date we will of spent one whole year living in our caravan full time!

I had a look back through this blog yesterday, some of the things that we have done seemed only like yesterday, but others seemed years away, strange.

But, yes, a whole year! Where does the time go?

I'm glad I've kept at this blog, its a good record of how we have lived and coped, coupled with a load of other nonsense that I waffle on about.

When I first started this blog I signed up for Google Adsense, that's those little Google adverts on the side of the blog in brown. I thought, that if I can earn a few pennies each time someone clicked on an add then why not. So in our first 12 months of having a blog we have just gone over the target that Google set you before they pay out of £60.00 OK not a fortune, but its still £60 and will pay for when the cheque arrives a meal out! So thank you one and all for clicking on the adverts!

We will enjoy our meal which will be all down to you guys! Bon Apetite!

It was funny looking back at some of my earlier posts, like I said above I do appear to waffle, so with that in mind, off to do some work.

Till later.....................


  1. hi guys, Hope you have a great holiday in wales, we are recovering from Purbeck and appears to have been a great show, not that I saw much of it. sorry you had a few problems, but please dont let it put you off, will see you at harmans cross. look forward to hearing all about wales.

  2. One Whole Year- followed you, at a distance!!, for most of that time being Dorset born-and-breed, and passing your'front-door'several times a year - Circumstances mean we'll probably be 'on a pitch near you'within the next few years so we're glad that we've a straight-talker breaking-ground for us and all your aspiring followers - Enjoy the Colours of Autumn,

    Graham and Colleen

  3. Hi Graham and Colleen, thanks for the message! Why wait a couple of years? Anything you need to know dont be afraid to ask either on here or direct at