Sunday, 21 August 2011

FForest Fields Camp Site - Powys - South Wales

After having packed up Saturday morning, all I had to do was pick up "M"s mum from Bournemouth and get back to the caravan and wait for "M" to get back so we could head off.

I was just finishing packing up, we hooked up and fully loaded with 3 adults and two dogs, the large awning with pod we set off.

I had estimated that it was around 180 miles of non motorway driving. It was bang on 180 miles and it took us approx 5 hrs and that included a 20 minute stop.

I'd had put £80 in the the Pajero and I reckon we used around £65.00's worth. So considering its tugging nearly 2 ton behind it, the roads were A roads but we took a windy route than all things being said it did well.

Infact it did very well, and was a real joy to drive and tow with, so if anyone is considering buying a new tow vehicle you cant go far wrong with one of these. It was also very comfortable.

We are at Fforest Fields Camp Site in Powys,  whats with the two F's? Did they have a stutter?

Finding and getting into the site was all fairly straight forward, but do you think I could get the caravan straight when trying to pitch it? Well its sort of straight, straight enough for me anyway.

So we got the awning up and rigged up the pod, and got all set up followed by a beer sat outside looking at the view.

This is the view I had whilst sipping my beer

Looking out to the left of the caravan

Looking out to the right of the caravan

Our set up, as you can see, its big when you think what size the Pajero is!

"M" wizzed up some chicken Fajitas which were very tasty, and not long after feeling totally shattered headed off to bed.

Now the site itself is fairly large, with some hedged areas and an open field. We are in the open field area, with hook up. If I had kids, then this would be a great place to stay, but as we are used to having peace and quiet, then maybe this place isn't such a good idea. Just too many kids! But that's our fault for booking in here. But, the site is clean and tidy, the showers are mega hot and clean as well. So cant complain.

As I didn't take part in any of the choosing of the sites, I can safely say, well, its not my fault the kids are making a racket!

Woke up this morning fairly early due to the fact that "M"s mum was up and about and putting on the kettle, so at least we had a cuppa made for us!

We then had a good healthy breakfast of bacon, sausage, eggs, beans, tomato and mushrooms before setting off towards Llandridnod Wells and Tesco's for vital supplies. As we didnt really wanted to have the extra weight of a weeks food on board before we set off.

Good old Sat Nav, as it usually does, takes us the most indirect route possible, ensuring that we go through the tightest of lanes, hair pin corners and humped backed bridges it can. As we didnt have the caravan on it didnt really matter, so this time we enjoyed the drive!

We were going over some hills with amazing views, so we stopped and took a couple of pictures with the iphone, then to my right I saw a track, now as we had a 4x4 which can climb mountains I thought it would be a good idea to have a little drive! So off we set, we only went 3 or 4 miles along it before it was decided that my passengers had had enough of been bumped about!

Cracking views, but I must remember to take my iphone out of its leather holder when taking the pictures as the top right and bottom right corners tend to get caught in the picture!

One of the things I noticed about the Tesco's we went into at Llandridnod Wells, was the fact that above the door it had in Welsh and English Welcome To Tesco's with the Welsh dragon next to it.

I don't have a problem with this at all, what I do have a problem with is why don't we in England have a St Georges cross emblem?

Perhaps, some lefty Tesco's employee thought it may stir up racial problems? Well to be honest the only person likely to be insulted or upset is the English or in other words "ME" for not having the same level of patriotic support in England as they do in Wales!

If someone from Tesco's would kindly tell me I would love to understand your logic?

We headed back and after a quick cuppa, sorted ourselves out for a walk, I wanted to head up into the hills immediately in front of us, so that is what we did!

Looking down onto the site, around half way up the hill in front of us on the pictures earlier

Zoomed in

Having a quick rest! It was a long climb up!

We walked for a couple of hours in a circular route right around the back of the tree line and then dropped down again to the camp site. A bit of a climb to start off with, but a nice walk.

I want to go a bit further tomorrow, so will be getting the maps out in a bit to see if we can suss out a route.

This evening, no plans, plenty of red meat to be cooked on the cadac, a few beers, and I've got a large bottle of ginger ale in the fridge, just right to be mixed with my Mount Gay rum!

On a sad and tragic note, over the last few days Bournemouth has been holding an air festival, as we are not far from Bournemouth we are lucky to see the planes fly over, and have seen twice the red arrows fly over, fast and low, for those who have never seen the Red Arrows display team they are amazing. Made up of serving RAF pilots. Unfortunately one crashed yesterday, killing the pilot, but only after he had managed to bring his plane down by steering away from houses on his flight path as he headed for the ground! Truly a hero. For more info on this please follow the link - RED ARROWS 

Till later................

So till later...........


  1. Hi All if you are after a good walk with some stunning views you could try Pen y Fan in the Brecon Beacons. if you google Pen y Fan it will give you plenty of info. enjoy your hols Tracey & Darren.

  2. Enjoy your holiday, won't you, and we will enjoy reading about it. We only managed to see a small portion of Wales on our UK trip, and loved the wonderful hills.

    All that walking you are planning has got to be good for you, especially after that big breakfast.

  3. Loving the pictures, and I have heard alot of good things about that site too - I hope to visit some day.

  4. Hi Tracey And Darren, thanks for the suggestion, would of done it if not for the M I L as I dont really want to have to call out Mountain Rescue! So will have to be another day!

    Hi Jenny and Robin, As they say an Army marches on its stomach!

    Hi Vic, its a great site for kids, with shallow lakes to mess around in and plenty of walks to go on.