Saturday, 2 April 2011

0300hrs Start!

Up at 0300hrs this morning! Not good, "M" surprised me by getting up and coming with me, but I think she regretted it as the day wore on!

Got to Ford market, at around 0530 then had a 2 hr wait before we were let in to run the gauntlet of people as you drive down through the market to set up!

We didnt do too well today, just about covered expenses and a bit on top. Certainly not worth getting up that time for!

So not sure what the plan is from now on, its a long way to go for nothing, it could of course just of been a one off, but, time being valuable not sure I want to waste it!

Ill go again on Thursday I think, depending on the weather! We took the trailer today and it was £15.00 to get in!

Tomorrow morning we are up early again and off to Ashley Heath car boot, its only 10 mins down the road so at least not too far to go. Ford market is a round trip of around 140 miles.

When we got back today, we had a quick bite to eat, checked email etc and then around 1630 we crashed out. Trouble was we didnt wake till 2100 which means we are wide awake now!

"M" just sorting out some grub and I think we will try out the new TV and watch a DVD!

So till later..................

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