Wednesday, 13 April 2011

Home Alone!

"M" is away on a seminar today and tomorrow, and is staying in a hotel tonight! All though when I spoke to her earlier she sounded as if she was coming down with a cold!

Hope she takes full advantage of having a soak in the bath!

So Im home alone, well sort of, Ive still got China dog to keep me company!

As "M" is a bit of a light weight when it comes to really hot spicy food,I thought I would cook up a chilli con carne making it that hot that it strips the teflon off the pan!

Its coming on a treat with a combination of scotch bonnet chillis, Encona hot chilli sauce, with a liberal splash of tobasco, not forgetting crushed dried chilli flakes! I like it hot! Its tasting good, well, to be honest, Ive no skin on my lips, but it still tastes good!

I went to fat club this evening and I managed to loose another 3.5lbs this week, so thats over a stone in 4 weeks, which Im more than happy about.

"M" said that as soon as I lost a stone she would give up smoking! Not sure if she will stick to that one or not! Hope so.

I dont think she thought that I would stick to it, but not only stick to it, but actually enjoy it! So if you do need to loose a few pounds, and less face it, most of us do these days, then take a look at slimming world. If it works for me, it should work for anyone!

The plan this evening, as I was on my own, was to get weighed, do the shopping, cook my grub, then do some work, but that is out of the window, now that Im just about to have my 3rd glass of vino.

Can feel a dvd coming on!

It rained this afternoon, I was up the unit and as Ive no window went in with it being dry but overcast, came out with it hurling it down! I couldnt even here it falling on the roof from inside my office! Had the heater on as well, it was a bit nippy.

The office is now fully functioning, I managed to get the other desk in on my own, which was a job and a half! But, in it is, and it feels good. I also managed to get so much more done, so I dont feel guilty about having this evening off!

Well, chillie cooked, better eat it before it eats its way through the bottom of the pan! Thankfully I emptied the cassette out earlier today, probably just as well!

On that note,

Till later..............

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