Monday, 25 April 2011

Learnt Something From A 14 Year Old!

Well, its been a busy old weekend for us, here at "Three Legged Cross" so a bit of catching up to do!

Friday, what with trying to get as much work completed as I could, my daughter spent the day with us. She lives up in Preston with her Mother, so I dont get to see her as much as I would like. So anytime with her is good.

This was the first time she had seen the caravan, so I was wondering what she would make of it all! Thankfully we had glorious weather so a lunch time BBQ made things even easier!

She seemed to be impressed, and possibly a little surprised by it all.

We got her back to Shaston for around 1730 and then we dashed over to a little village not far away at a place called Child Okeford. This is a little village in North Dorset where I spent my early years, before moving to Shaston.

I had to collect a couple of settles and pub tables which I won off of ebay, I didnt pay much for the whole lot, £10.51 so hoping to make a bit on those as I intend to sell them individually.

Saturday "M" was at work in the morning, then came back and pottered around. I worked more or less all day, I managed to get alot done which was good.

Our friend Mr Gulliver came over that evening with his campervan and young lad Gully junior! We had plenty to drink and eat, so the diet went well and truely out of the window!

Sunday morning, not too sure how, as body coordination wasnt that brilliant I was staggering around Ashley Heath car boot, it was only 1 minute walk away, so as for a change we werent selling thought it a good idea to see what was around.

So at just after 0700 Im up at out there, hunting down the bargains, not that I found much! I did manage to find a couple of early C20th Newhall small plates, some early C20th Japanese decorated plates and a whole stack of Tram Magazines from the 1970's those sort of things always do well on ebay.

Talking of ebay, the drinks cabinet sold for a whopping £4.71 so wont be retiring yet! But, as I always say, its £4.71 for doing very little and Id rather that in my pocket than some bugger elses!

At just after 0800 "M" phoned me up to see what part of the field I was in, well Id nearly finished as you can scoot around fairly quickly with no china dog and no one else holding you up. So we met up and then walked around the whole site again!

Then back for a cooked breakfast on the Cadac with Gullivers senior and junior.

That afternoon we went over to "M"s Mum and partners house for a BBQ and had a leisurely afternoon sat in his massive garden, I do mean massive as well! Last time we were there was for Xmas and it was all covered in snow!

Today, Ive worked, not bank holiday Monday for me! Had loads of packing to get done, so managed to get it all ready for shipping out tomorrow. "M" has gone off to see her kids for the day, so just China dog and I here at the moment.

Now, when it comes to learning something, I dont mind who tells me as long as I can understand it. But, sometimes the most obvious and simple of things need to be pointed out to you.

There I was at the water point filling up the aqua rolls, now when you turn the tap on it doesnt just pour out, it gushes in every direction ensuring that your legs and feet are well and truely soaked. So there I was, having no success at all at getting the water in the little hole, so off I trot back to the van to get the hose and nozzle.

But, I had tried this before here and the tap was too small, which resulted in having to try and clamp the top of the nozzle over the tap, get cramp in your thumb and wet at the same time by doing so. There I was, getting wet, when this young lad said, if you peel or fold the hoze nozel back over on its self it makes for a tighter fit.


Something so simple, surely Im not the only one who didnt know how to do that? May be I am!!

Anyway, no more wet feet for me!

The site has started to empty out, with alot of the campers leaving. I think there is just 4 vans left now, so getting back to how we like things!

Waiting for "M" to return so that I can fire the cadac up, its Tuna steaks tonight!

Can feel a little cider coming on, I know, the diet, well bollocks to that, Im having a pint!

Till later.........


  1. Seems a logical thing to do but I dont think I would have thought of it as it goes. I think I would have come back to the van and got a jubilee clip, but you tip is share now so if it happens to me then I will be using the same method myself :)

    Glorious sun in devon today on a great site.


  2. Cool - that is a top tip. So far every tap I have used has had a hose attached already so haven't encountered this problem.

  3. I use a two foot long piece of 2 inch white pvc tube with a piece of string through it to hook over the tap. It fits all sizes of tap I have come across. REgards Paul